Unlimited Time Travelers – two young chargers living the dream

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What is Unlimited Time Travelers? It’s a lifestyle, it’s a question, it’s an answer to that question. It’s a dream; it’s a reality. It’s a movement. Introducing Jazmine Dean and her brother Tyler, two young surfers and standup paddlers who have given up the option of a ‘normal’  life in order to experience it more fully.

Take time out from your scheduled day to bear witness to a life without time crunches.  In this 25 minute film featuring the first segments of the journey for these two Unlimited Time Travelers, we see the dream begin to unfold.  Stay tuned for additional episodes here at SJ Online.

Unlimited Time Travelers:  Living Life from a place of Passion

Jazmine and Tyler are team riders for a brand and a lifestyle called Scott Burke Surf and Sup.  Surfing their way through Puerto Rico, Florida and now Mexico, these two water athletes are keeping a fresh perspective on this thing we call life.  Following their passions, living a million dollar lifestyle on a shoe string budget, Jazmine & Tyler call out to the wanderer in each of us to take a chance, step out of society’s expectations and begin to live an authentic life.

“The lifestyle within Unlimited Time Travelers … is a minimalist, conscious effort towards improvement, pure diet, and just being kind wholesome people.”
— Jazmine Dean, Scott Burke Surf & Sup

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Jazmine Dean takes a moment to meditate on Mexico in all its magic. Photo by:

Unlimited Time Travelers:  In Jazmine’s own words

Unlimited Time Travelers is the start of a movement for Tyler and I. One idea we want embedded in the core of our actions and image is be the change we want to see in the world.

We want to empower our peers to travel and free themselves. We hope to show that you don’t have to follow everyone else’s plan or meet their standards. This lifetime is ours to learn from and enjoy fully!

We don’t want to put ourselves above everyone like celebrities but be accessible and real and to represent the struggle of finding your way.

We are learning so much and are being guided by people who were living this dream before us. We hope to be the same for others and put words of encouragement out there for all. The lifestyle within Unlimited Time Travelers (which we are not promoting as the “right” way, but the way that is working well for us) is a minimalist, conscious effort towards improvement, pure diet, and just being kind wholesome people.

In the future we hope to be able to promote this dream and help other kid or people who have a mission to live out. We want the Unlimited Time Traveler lifestyle to be much bigger than just Tyler and myself. We want it to become a snowball of great people realizing how to help others help themselves!”   — Jazmine Dean

Stay tuned for MORE about Jazmine and Tyler Dean

Standup Journal online will be featuring exclusive updates and reporting on the adventures of Jazmine & Tyler as they carve the road to a new form of success, one footprint, one memory at a time.  You can ALSO follow them on the Unlimited Time Travelers Facebook account HERE.  Mahalo, Jazmine!  Thank you, Tyler!  It’s people like you who help keep the dream alive.

About the author

Evelyn O'Doherty is a standup paddle racer, surfer and yoga teacher from the East End of Long Island in New York. Her passion for watersports drew her to leave a teaching career to pursue her athletic endeavors as a sup instructor, racing coach, sup racer, and now, as online editor for Standup Journal. Evelyn lives in East Hampton NY in the Springs area where she has daily access to the water to train and teach. When the swell is working, you can find her in Montauk rattling around in her Ford Ranger surfboards hanging out the back headed for points East.

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