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You wanna surf like THIS guy – Luiz Diniz sup surfs the magic of Brazil

Luiz creates a magical format through great music and compelling surf video footage to get your feet itching to get OUT on the water and get in some water time STAT.


Summer Dayzz in Brazil :  Luiz Diniz paints waves like brushstrokes on an artist’s easel

I just got in from surfing 3 ft windswell here in Montauk.  Weather 52 degrees, water temp … same.  It was raining.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, the nuances and stoke of my favorite local surf break, but still …   Even if I hadn’t already paddled out this morning, I’d be reaching for my paddle & board to get some water time, transfixed after watching THIS sup surf video of a Brazilian Luiz Diniz rendering stoke and magic on every wave.

“It is with great humility that I present to you my new video of sup surf in the Brazilian summer.  Please help me spread the word of this new work so that I can get out of this strong current that I have been struggling with due to lack of support.  All I want is to continue to do what I so much love in my life which is slipping over the waves.  Thank you.”  Luiz Diniz”  

Filmed by:  Luca Costa (Costa Productions), Rodrigo Junior (Cinegrafinster), Alessandro Henriques (ClicMoment)
Edited and Directed by:  Cinegrafinster
Music:  Bad Karma
Artist:  Axel Thesleff

Mahalo, Luiz!  Enjoy those summer days.  And, please keep us in the loop as to where to go for some Brazilian surf 😉

You wanna surf like THIS guy – Luiz Diniz sup surfs the magic of Brazil

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