What's the most valuable tip you've received from another woman in SUP?

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    Who are your SUP female role models/teachers and how have they boosted your confidence and skills!? Let’s share our knowledge so that we elevate each other! Woot!

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    Evelyn O’Doherty was one of the first people to tell me that not every racer has the same stroke. Yeah – a complete duh moment (I know – you couldn’t figure that out by yourself?!) but a lot of new racers are so stuck on trying to emulate that “perfect” stroke that you forget that everyone has different assets as an athlete. Some people have a great reach with long powerful arms, some people have a really stable torso with which to use that great torque twist method ect. A woman’s stroke will be different than a man’s. The reality is that everyone has a stroke – or two or three or four – that work for them – that may not work with anyone else. Mine happens to be a high cadence which I once thought was a sign of weakness. Now I know it’s not. It’s just what works FOR ME.

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    Every time I receive just one knowledgeable piece of advice it gets me through a race. Recently I began to do more interval training, April Zilg gave her opinion to me at a race this year. She felt as though many are doing our intervals with maybe a false sense of projection. We do intervals with a race pace in mind. It was her advice and opinion to train with a strength goal in mind. That Being said if for each interval we focus on using our muscles instead of the speed frame of mind it makes us stronger paddlers. Personally I must agree and using the Speed Coach it seems that by doing this our speed is about the same but rather than sprinting like crazy the strength you use for each stroke brings the speed to par, gets our heart rate up just the same, and builds our muscle strength. Thank you April!!

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