Stand Up Paddle Ocean/River Clean Ups

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    My background in coaching in Multi-Sport and endurance sports is how I found Stand Up Paddle . After creating and conducting over a 100 USA Triathlon camps and clinics in Central/Northern California that involved open water swim environment’s , stand up paddle was the perfect new water safety element . In short SUP was a moving pool deck in the open water , swimmers could see you from a distance , and if something went south you could move to a swimmer super fast and stabilize the situation . In short if you coach in triathlon/open water swimming using stand up paddle boards
    is the new key to water safety and effectively communicating to swimmers from the water .
    I started paddling SUP in 2008 and basically started noticing plastics and trash floating in the water ( The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary ). So I would pull plastics from the ocean and kelp beds put it on my board and discard when I got out of the water . The simple fact of standing on the water allowed me to see things at a distance and notice things I couldn’t before (surfing , open water swimming , sea kayaking etc.)
    This is the how to :
    I contacted the CA state reserve regarding how I had always found floating plastics in the kelp beds on the north side in Carmel Bay . I requested a permit to bring a small group of paddlers 5 from the local surfrider foundation chapter and do a stand up paddle kelp bed clean up of plastics and trash. I provided paddle clinics for the surfrider members prior to the clean up .
    I brought a quiver of boards , paddles , leashes and clean up gear . Simply bungee cording milk crates on the front of the boards with trash bags tied inside. larger items placed in the milk crate smaller items in the trash bags.

    We paddled out into whalers cove and blue fish cove and started our trash treasure hunt. The bulk of all clean ups from non profits groups has historically been done from land. Stand Up Paddle allowed a new exposure for everyone to see what happens when plastics and trash are pulled into the ocean . I placed GoPro cameras on several of the boards to create a simple short video to be used . Connecting to local media allowed the story to be communicated to the community and the awareness was in motion.
    Stand Up Journal has been in my corner since the beginning to start the process of allowing more paddlers around the world to see a simple design of clean up that could only be done from SUP. I was totally aware that SUP was the fastest growing water sport in the world and simply getting this out would initiate more to do the same .
    The most important aspect of cleaning up trash from our waters is logging what was found App. available also Clean Swell App. * from the Ocean Conservancy. This is allowing an accurate collection of data that can be used to create local ordinances and legislation . Basically getting your city , state park , city council involved in the specific single use plastics and other that can be addressed . I heard that Carmel City Hall voted to require restaurants to eliminate single use plastics today. I will continue to update the process of being a specific case study that will allow for more coastal cities to follow suit.
    Be the example in your community ,

    Brent Allen Outside
    Carmel by the sea , CA

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