How do you check WEATHER and CONDITIONS before heading out?

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    Knowing the weather and conditions is an important point in Sup Safety. What are some of the ways YOU check the weather and conditions before heading out for a paddle? What is your ritual? Fav apps or websites?

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    John Judge

    I use, Windy and Tides Near Me. Collectively these apps allow me to properly plan and prepare for each paddle. My routine involves checking these resources the night before a paddle and then again before heading out. I also carry my phone with me and have used these apps from the water, especially live radar. Forecast, temp, feels like temp, wind, humidity, UV rating, Heat Index, etc. are all readily available. I also like the hourly forecast and future cast radar maps. This comes in handy if the the weather is questionable or when I’m checking one last time before heading out. I also subscribe to weather alerts, which on more than one occasion have gone off while out on the water.

    Windy: I bookmark my favorite locations. Easy to use with a slide bar to toggle days of week. Includes weather, wind speed/direction and wave height/direction. It also provides sustained winds and gusts. Checking the wind across at least two resources is a must for me.

    Tides Near Me: provides sunrise/sunset, hight/low tide and the amount of feet over or under, which is important when planning paddles through the shallows. I also use this data to understand how the current will impact my desired paddle route. This allows me to leverage the current when I need the help (on the return) or perhaps fight the current when I’m looking to train and push myself.

    I feel it’s easy to get overwhelmed with apps, maps and other resources. My recommendation is to find a few that you like and are accurate for your area.

    Safe paddling!

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    clay feeter

    I’m with John that’s exactly what i do:! I plot the hour by hour changes, then determine the direction I start out in based on that (always trying to return with wind at my back). clay

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    Butch Rahne

    Ditto I check winds tides before I go to sleep, when I wake up at 2AM and just before I leave. That will determine what direction I will be heading.

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    I do alot of competitive offshore sailing so weather is a big subject for me. I won’t go over everything I use but here is a short list of what I use.

    1) – is fine but has a lot of “fluff” to draw attention advertisers. I have bookmarked the “landlubber” forecast and the Marine forecast for my area and check these daily whether I paddle or not.

    2) PRO CHARTS – Excellent navigations software!

    3) AyeTides XL – Tides and Currents – I like to stress that people should learn the difference between the two. Most people use the words universally.

    I have a lot more but these are what I use most.

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      John Judge

      This is great feedback, thank you Chris. I’m going to add these to my list as well. I’m not ashamed to admit I use Tides and Currents universally, which I know comes from my surfing background where we never discussed the currents (unless there was a rip). With SUP, would you say a fair statement to share is Tides will impact the depth or the water, potential water hazards, access and influence currents, but the actual currents will have a greater impact on your speed and should be considered with equal amounts of attention. WDYT? Thank you!

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    I actual use several for SUP Race/Surf:

    1- My goto is WILLYWEATHER = has WIND, TIDE, WAVE Heights for current and future with an easy to use forecast slider and has been highly accurate

    2- MyRadar – for the best real-time radar views

    3- RADARCAST – has a future radar called futurecast layer that I turn on to view storm prediction movement

    4- WINDY – good for current wind map fields

    Lastly Darksky has become semi-reliable over past 9 months.

    Hope these helps y’all get out there and find your glide!

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    I use which shows wind direction and strength, wave direction and height, precipitation, tides, sunrise and sunset, pretty much everything I need.
    I also check MY RADAR app before heading out if I am unsure of any storms in the area.

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