How can we take action and educate in our community?

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    Stand Up Paddle is the fastest growing water sport in the world . This blue marble is our responisbility . What can you initiate to bring awareness , education and action in the community you live?

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    Getting educated on the primary issues that effect the area you paddle through local ocean advocacy groups is a good start . This is a short list of the groups that can help The surfrider foundation , save our shores , save the waves and the blue mind collective . Organizing Beach clean ups or stand up paddle clean ups is a great way to get your friends and community involved. Contact your local paper and news stations to come cover your efforts . If you have a paddleboard business tell your clients about single use plastics and how plastics and trash are harming the marine life and why it’s important to not litter near the ocean or water ways . For more ideas visit my website
    Mahalo ,
    Brent Allen Carmel by the sea , CA

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    Take the time to educate ourselves about the issues directly impacting our own local community (we know there are many), get involved with grassroots campaigns that are working on solves for these issues. If there aren’t any open up conversation with others in the community. Take action. Simple actions during our everyday lives DO have an impact. Because the very nature of SUP invokes curiosity among non paddlers (we all hve experienced the curious onlooker during our paddles), We can use that to our advantage. Can we do something with intention each time we head out for a paddle? Maybe it is in the products we choose to use, or staying a bit longer after our paddle to pick up some trash? Sometimes, I personally get overwhelmed with the enormity of the environmental issues we are currently facing. I find that when I stay focused on what I can do each day, like choosing to bring my mason jar over the plastic cup at the smoothie place or not purchasing the starwberries in the plastic container, it reduces the feelings overwhelm and I am still contributing. Then I have the ability to support events such as paddle cleanups, talks etc… simple. But effective for me now.

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    I’ve just gotta drop this article into this forum. The Green Surf Festival last week in Noli, Italy had a rich & diverse content which brought together environmental activists, industry leaders and athletes to talk about ocean conservationism in a fun, new way. Check this out!

    Green Surf Festival: Noli, Italy

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    Organizing events for people who already practice sports or go to the bays and beaches is wonderful and makes it possible to group a good number of people. But it is very important to have actions that aim to include new practitioners in the Stand Up Paddle, and thus reach people who did not have the vision of the environment, or who did not know that the region suffered from some type of contamination, pollution, etc. There are many cities with fully polluted rivers and they could be a great spot for a paddle.

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    Nick Robinson

    Great initiative Evelyn. I’m also looking to see how to most effectively share an environmental message. Every year I and a couple of guests complete a 7/10 day SUP adventure. I always thought that it would be a good opportunity to create awareness about rivers and oceans but I struggle to find the most effective way to share our message. I’ll continue to make videos and share through YouTube but it would be great to use other means as well. Any thoughts from you guys?

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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your input! Yes, I think just sharing our love & appreciation for the environment is an important part of educating our community. I always say the most important thing I do when giving lessons is getting people on the water so they can feel it from a new perspective.

    I also host Paddle & Clean Ups when I can. I invite people to come and explore a body of water (one that I’ve checked out ahead of time) and bring burlap sacs so we can do a mini-clean up on the way back. It just raises people’s consciousness that we can ALL do our PART when we’re out there on the water. Here’s a quick article on my last (awesome!) clean up.


    I’m also LOOKING for events I can participate in that – perhaps – I can make a statement about clean water initiatives and environmental awareness. I’m big on aligning myself with events, brands, and people who are conscious stewards. Like this forum, I think it’s an important topic and we can all learn from one another.

    Send me your YOuTube links! I’d love to see ’em.

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