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BEWARE OF WINDS BLOWING OUT TO SEA/LAKE! Spring/Summer Sup Safety Starts TODAY It was almost a year ago that I found myself hearing the tragic news… then the next tragic news. Then a day later, yet another tragedy. Three sup paddlers died over a long weekend in varying locations across America. They each were caught...
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The kneeling sup technique
One of the biggest danger to standup paddlers is offshore winds…meaning, wind that are blowing from the land out to sea. This also applies to lakes and rivers. The wind has a huge influence on where you are paddling, especially when you are first learning. You need to make sure you don’t put yourself in...
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By Alex Mauer Never cut corners when it comes to safety! I have seen some concerning pictures since the growth of whitewater paddling and surfing has started. Never ever paddle without a helmet and a personal floatation device (PFD). If you are going to use a leash make sure it is a quick release leash....
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To Whom it May Concern, In light of the recent tragic event in the Gorge this past weekend, we are penning this Open Letter to the Stand Up Paddle Industry. We believe that we, as a collective industry, must take a vehement stand in the education and encouragement of the use of leashes on all...
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This Will Save Your Life- How To Use a Leash On a River
Nikki Gregg discusses the risks and benefits to wearing leashes on the river, how to wear them properly, and when to wear it and when not to. You can buy a quick release system here: –>> NRS Quick Release SUP Leash Red / Black One Size Nikki Gregg discusses the risks and benefits to wearing...
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Pro Standup paddling tips with Sean Poynter When I think about attaching my leash…Wait, I never think about attaching my leash! I’ve always just velcroed and gone out standup paddling. That is until I watched this video. Here Sean Poynter gives us a couple simple yet extremely effective tips to properly attach your leash to...
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Why a sup leash is so important
by: Marina Andriola Why you need a sup leash, and what to do if you find that you’re not in Kansas anymore. 
Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment is the leash, the thing that connects you to your board. For any paddler, this little item can literally mean the difference between life...
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