XM Surf More Leash Lab 2
Creating your own leash is about more than just choosing ankle or calf cuff.  Building your leash with the team at XM SURF MORE Leash Lab allows you to CHOOSE length, style, thickness, safety features and more.  The REVIEWS are IN.  See below! XM SURF MORE Leash Lab:  Creating custom designs for every use XM...
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Hey man, where’d you get that leash? That’s what folks in the line up or on the bays will be asking you when they see what you’ve got.  It’s rad, it’s real and it’s made just for you. XM Surf More creates the first ever LEASH LAB where riders can customize their own leashes exactly...
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Why a sup leash is so important
by: Marina Andriola Why you need a sup leash, and what to do if you find that you’re not in Kansas anymore. 
Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment is the leash, the thing that connects you to your board. For any paddler, this little item can literally mean the difference between life...
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