Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Fall 2019

I came out of the water and, while dismounting the foil, watched the incredible sets breaking one after another. Each one perfect. Tubular. It was beautiful and mesmerizing.” – Benoit Carpentier on visiting South Africa

Standup Journal’s Fall 2019 issue, loosely dubbed the ‘travel edition’, holds a full-sized swell of surf, paddle and foiling articles. Our features include Benoit Carpentier’s trip to South Africa SUP surfing and foiling from Cape Town to J-Bay, Chuck Graham’s sobering SUP excursion to the mysterious Salton Sea in California and Lena Erdil & Kai Steimer’s exploration of Istanbul and the Black Sea via SUP.

You’ll also find Conversations with Fiona, a review of Skagerrak, a film about Casper Steinfath’s crossing of the Skagerrak strait, and an interview with powerful Tahitian SUP Surfer Poenaiki Raioha. Read Tips for Beginner Foilers by GoFoil innovator Alex Aguerre, gear reviews plus GoPro Tips by Chuck Patterson and a SUP Yoga tutorial by Body Glove ambassador Alex Keller. 

Thoughts on the new format? Ideas for content you’d like to see in our print mag?  Send us your comments to  We welcome your conversation and appreciate your stoke.  We’re in it ‘cuz you’re in it. Let’s lead out onto the next horizon together.  


For me, to be humble is an essential quality for a great sportsman.” – Poenaiki Raioha