Global Partner

2015 has been an epic year for our sport!  Standup Paddling has absolutely exploded worldwide and with it, a ton of great photo content as come our way.

Thank you everyone who has submitted photos and voted.  Now comes the time to vote for the grand prize which is to get ink in Standup Journal‘s print mag worldwide!

Here are the contestants:

1. Justine Bryant

2. Marissa Elion

3. Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia: La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico, young whale shark and I paddling in the bay.

4. Sergio García (again)

5. Evey Hammond

6. Nathan Secker

7. Heather Kratz

8. Kelci Fushikoshi

Kelci Fushikoshi: Phil Tahana SUP’N this rare break on the beautiful island of Maui, nicknamed the Wall, during the winter of 2013.

9. Kirstin Grant

Kirstin Grant: Feeling the love with sup pup Alfie!

10. Kathryne Gervais

Kathryne Gervais: my boyfriend Marc Fradette, and the beach spectators are wild horses in Assateague Island, MD. (July 2015)

11. Katie Gilbert

Katie Gilbert: Our little SUP pup, Bodhi (5 months old) surfing the shore break in Corpus Christie TX with Daddy watching (Jeff Ward)

12. Johann Pidoux

13. May Ho