Current Issue #26.3

Fall 2018: Sound Bound

Seattle and Her Sup Surroundings.
Also this issue, Christian Edie, Kevin Cullen and crew take us
sup-camping on the pristine Maine Island Trail.

Take a sneak peak

The Maine Island Trail.

Driving the Maine coast is spectacular. The rocky shores, 12-foot tides and giant pines immediately had me feeling like we were in for a rugged adventure. On our way to base camp at the southern tip of Deer Isle we stopped at a lobster pound shack and enjoyed some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.

Standies of the Northern Jersey Coast

Standup paddling showed up on the shores of our northern Monmouth County, New Jersey, beaches probably no differently than anywhere else on the planet—other than Tahiti and Hawaii. Populating that small initial wave of paddlers were two distinct groups. The first, a tiny core of the more “mature” long-time local surfers who could afford the sticker-shock of these new exotic Laird-inspired juiced-up mega-boards and the high-tech carbon paddles bundled with them.

Sound Bound - Seattle and Her Standies

Whether you’re planning your first or 31st sup adventure to Puget Sound, you’re in for a terrific opportunity for panoramas in a variety of paddling conditions and in a setting that no other place in America—maybe even the world—can match.

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Global PartnerFrom growing up on a small Caribbean island, to becoming one of America’s all-time fitness icons as a professional volleyball player to marrying the legend famed with bringing stand up paddling to the States, Gabrielle Reece has quite a story. Here is a recent podcast from the crew at WND&WVS with one helluva lady....
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Chasing Kai Opener
Global PartnerBy AJ Messier Featured Image Caption: AJ MESSIER One of many for Kai during the swell of swells, January 15th, 2016. TOM SERVAIS (Inset) True legends, Tom Carroll and Kelly Slater: The company Kai keeps is a strong indicator of his desire to be accepted as a surfer first. Editor’s Note: Hats off to...
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