09/03/2017 – Rock Island Paddle Rampage- 2017

The Rock Island Paddle Rampage 2017   – A great time is guaranteed, but get ready to put in some work! This beautiful course on Center Hill Lake sits right next to the damn and acts more like a river in this section. This race will be a great lead up to the ChattaJack or if you just want to have fun then try the 4 mile course.  Beyond the race we also have live music, beer, food, and camping.  This year we are including a 14 mile course and opening up the categories so that more can compete. We hope to see you there. 
When – 9/3/17
Date – September 3rd 2017EVENT TIMING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE 1 MONTH BEFORE RACE•                9:00am – 11:30am – Registration opens for all participants.•                11:45am – Race Speech paddle launch•                12:00pm – 14 Mile race starts•                2:45pm – Race Speech paddle launch
•                3:00pm –  4 mile race starts•                6:00pm – Race shuts down all participants will be pulled if they are still on the        course. •                6:00pm – Music starts and food is served•                7:00pm  Awards
Distances – 14, and 4 miles
Categories for 14 mile Race – 14′ SUP – 12’6″ SUP – Rec SUP – Rec Kayak 14′, Prone Boards, and Under – Race Kayak or Surfski over 14′ – Male and Female 1st-3rd Place
Categories for 4 mile Race – Paddle board only, no categories, 1-3rd place prize for male and female. 

Location: HorseShoe Bend Marina – horseshoebendmarina.com – (931) 657-5080

Rental Contact – Nashville Paddle Company – (773) 969-6340
Camping – Horseshoe Bend Marina at (931) 657-5080
View Video Here
Admission Includes:Race Entry
Race Shirt
Entry to campgrounds to watch live music and awards
Nashville Paddle Company will be helping us with rentals. If you need to rent a SUP they will actually carry your gear out to the race and have it waiting for you to pick up. Please be sure to get your board early as they always run out. Check out more details below or come to our website

Rental Contact: Nashville Paddle Company Please know that rentals are separate from the entry into the race. To get your rental please contact Nashville Paddle Company  They will bring the SUP, and required equipment to the event for you.  Cost for rental is $35

Camping – Please contact the marina to reserve a camping spot. They always sell out this time of year. 
Common Questions:
Is there required equipment for the race? PFD’s and board leashes are required.Are there rapids? – The video shows rapids that you will go near but never through. The shallowest section is about 5 feet deep. Waterfalls? –  Depending on which course you do will depend on how many you see. Rather or not they are gushing out water really depends on how the weather is. The large waterfalls are always pouring but  participants will need to drive to the main waterfalls shown in the video. These are just 5 min down the road.Do I need to call to reserve camping spot? – Please call Horseshoe Bend Marina at (931) 657-5080. The campgrounds always get filled at this time of year so please book a spot as soon as you signup. Your admission does not include a campsite.What will Nashville Paddle Company Bring? – A board, PFD, leash, and paddle! They will also be out at the event early to help anyone who might be new to the sport and perhaps do some paddle yoga!
What is different about this year? There is a 14 mile course, the 1 and 2 mile course is no more, 4 mile course is open to call categories, the 4 mile course only has awards for 1st place. Can I bring my own board? Yes, remember PFD and leashes are required.How late does the band play? 10pmWhen will I get the complete race layout? One week before the raceWhat categories are there?14′ SUP – 12’6″ SUP – Rec SUP – Rec Kayak 14′ and Under – Race Kayak or Surfski over 14’Will there be vegetarian food options – YesWhat about lightning? If lightning is in the area we will hold off on the start. If lightning does not clear by 1 hour after the 14mile race start time we will push all participants into the 4 mile competition. If the 4 mile does not clear after an hour past it’s start time the race will be cancelled. What about rain? Race is a go Can I change my distance on race day? you may change your time 24 hours ahead of time but not on race day. Sorry we are just too busy this close to the race. Can someone sub for me? You can as long as we are notified 24hrs before the race. Where do we start? We will start in the water in front of the marinaIs this race part of the Rock Island State Park? It is not but we do work with the park as you will be passing by it. Please do not contact the park with questions related to this event. The RD can be reached at help@hardwinadventures.comAre there refunds if I do not make it? There are no refunds but we can give you a partial refund if it is a month out. What if I don’t see my category – Email me and let me know. I might open a new category for you!How bad is the current? Even when the flood gates are open the current is unnoticeable.

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