Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Winter 2019

The Winter 2019-2020 Issue of Standup Journal hits subscriber mailboxes this week. Animatedly dubbed the ‘Stoke Issue’, you’ll find wild tales and travel tips, gear reviews, environmental advocacy and – like a siren calling you back to the water – pages and pages of jaw-dropping images from around the world to keep your winter water time on point and amping as we charge into the new year!

Read ‘Semi Pro’ novelty surfer Ben Gravy’s wild adventure of surfing the Alaskan Turnagain Arm on the full moon tidal bore tide to culminate the dream of surfing all 50 of the continental United States. Explore Greenland’s ice caps up close from the perspective of a paddleboard in Michael Walther’s incredible SUP expedition to experience climate change in the northernhemisphere. Windsurfing pro, Maria Andres paddles us through a travelogue on SUP surfing El Salvador’s best waves, plus cover photographer Cory Leis offers us a deep look at Sri Lanka’s food, spices and swells in a recent sojourn to this tiny island tucked into the north Indian Ocean. 

In this winter issue, you’ll read book spotlights, SUP Yoga features and Gear Reviews on Lift’s dynamic new eFoil and Red Paddle Co’s Compact 9’6 inflatable SUP.  Our mission is to keep you frothing to get out on the water this winter, and if you can’t get on it, we try to immerse you in it. Enjoy the journey.