Paddling Historic Sights and Sup Yoga in Japan

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JAPAN, surrounded 360 degrees by the sea and made up of over 6,850 islands has some of the best undeveloped paddling fields in the world.

Yuki Starboard sup yoga
Yuki’s passion for sup yoga has led her to a lifetime practice and fitness in the outdoors. Many women in Japan are just beginning to venture outside for fitness pursuits.

Japan’s historic paddling spots

If you are looking for a new adventure, there are spectacular views and scenery that can only be found in Japan. Two such memorable adventures include paddling around the Shinto Shrines by water or paddling on waterways to view Japan’s oldest castles.  Both of these offer paddlers a spectacular new perspective of historic landmarks.  From my home area of Kagoshima, one can witness best by water the rock faces created over thousands of years of volcanic lava flows.

Yuki Starboard sup yoga
Learning to balance on the water has so many parallels to life. A practice in breath and stillness brings many benefits.

Sup Yoga & Japan

In olden days, Japanese women shied away from exercising out of doors. Now, thanks to the influence of Western culture, outdoor work outs via yoga and running are now getting popular. Stand up paddling is also a popular outdoor activity for women. Both sup and sup yoga lessons and events are being actively held  along the Pacific coast in the Tokyo region and in the south of Japan, especially Kyushu and Okinawa.

One interesting fact:  when it comes to sup yoga, I see many participants try sup yoga as one-time-challenge and not as utilize it as a part of their regular work out routine. It takes more time and effort to get more people to venture out on to the ocean.

Sup yoga is such a beautiful creation for me.  I hope, in the future, many people will come to enjoy sup yoga on the water as a delicious form of outdoor fitness in Japan.

Yuki Starboard Sup yoga
Visit Japan to witness its culture and historic sights from your perspective on a paddle board.

Written by Yuki:  @yuki98198
 Starboard Sup Yoga ambassador

About the author

Evelyn O'Doherty is a standup paddle racer, surfer and yoga teacher from the East End of Long Island in New York. Her passion for watersports drew her to leave a teaching career to pursue her athletic endeavors as a sup instructor, racing coach, sup racer, and now, as online editor for Standup Journal. Evelyn lives in East Hampton NY in the Springs area where she has daily access to the water to train and teach. When the swell is working, you can find her in Montauk rattling around in her Ford Ranger surfboards hanging out the back headed for points East.

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