Tomales Bay – A Voyage of Discovery

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The Tomales Bay Resort is nestled on the shores of the beautiful Tomales Bay in Inverness CA.  This picturesque Cape Cod-style is the only lodging on the bay located inside of Point Reyes National Seashore Park. 

Looking for a get-away to get away from it all?  The Tomales Bay Resort is the best starting point for hours of adventure in the Point Reyes Seashore, Tomales Bay, Marin County and all of the Northern Bay area of San Francisco.   From stand up paddling to hiking, golfing and horseback riding, this retreat-style setting – full of creature comforts – is the ideal place to escape and take time for yourself.

Here’s the first hand report from Standup Journal photographer, Glenn Dubock.

Tomales Bay Glenn Dubock stand up paddle
The Staff from Blue Waters Kayaking are having there regularly scheduled “sales meeting” at the office….  Photo by:  Glenn Dubock

Tomales Bay:  A natural awakening of the senses

Straddling two constantly moving pieces of earth, Tomales Bay is precariously parked on the San Andreas Fault.

Everything moves at a geophysic pace here, from the crawl of the one-car traffic jam through rush hour in downtown Inverness to the creeping of the tide on the bay as it does is daily shifting pattern.

The Tomales Bay Resort is the perfect starting point and landing pad for any adventures on the Bay. Photo by: Glenn Dubock

Tomales Bay Resort:  A salt water healing get-away

My brother John and I have sought this place out to do some mind shifting of our own. We are guests of the Tomales Bay Resort and they have promised us a salt water healing like we have never known – and I for one believe them.

One look at this area, one lung full of this light briny air and you can’t help but shake all those city cobwebs away.

Tomales Bay Glenn Dubock stand up paddle group
Waterfront lodging and dining plus an easy launch make this a perfect place to start your personal discovery session on Tomales Bay. Photo by: Glenn Dubock

Come along for the journey

We will paddle with old and new friends during our visit here – and take you along for the ride with photos and stories that capture the magic of a slice of old California that has seismic possibilities for sup.

Stay tuned,

Glenn Dubock

About the author

Evelyn O'Doherty is a standup paddle racer, surfer and yoga teacher from the East End of Long Island in New York. Her passion for watersports drew her to leave a teaching career to pursue her athletic endeavors as a sup instructor, racing coach, sup racer, and now, as online editor for Standup Journal. Evelyn lives in East Hampton NY in the Springs area where she has daily access to the water to train and teach. When the swell is working, you can find her in Montauk rattling around in her Ford Ranger surfboards hanging out the back headed for points East.

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