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Celebrating Women of Sup at Camp Crystal Kai

Camp Crystal Kai celebrates the women of sup who drive our sport forward.  From fitness enthusiasts, to fisherwomen and yogis, stand up paddleboarding gives women a chance to stand together, celebrate each other and create connections on the water and in their love for water that brings them together.

Camp Crystal Kai empowers women.  It can for you, too.



“Some of us start our careers on a path we should be. Others take a detour but end up going in the right direction. Me? I took the detour, hit a wall and then spun around but ultimately found my calling twenty years later. I know I’m going in the right direction now. I just need to make sure that I read all the signs along the way so I know when to change directions again.” – Casi Rynkowski, BIC Sup Team Manager and co-creator of Camp Crystal Kai

Find and follow a passion and it may bring you places you’ve never been or at least should be for a little while.

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Celebrating Women of Sup at Camp Crystal Kai

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