What’s Jeff Clark up to NOW?

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Jeff Clark:  Maverick’s surf legend, board designer and a leading presence in the surf & sup industry stays on top of trends by designing his own foil surf set ups and testing them out in Northern Cal’s cold Pacific waters.  Check out the video by Brian Erickson

Jeff Clark’s Foil Science technology and incredible stoke

Brian Erickson spent a week up north following Jeff Clark around filming. What he discovered is not only is Clark the original pioneer of Mavericks surf spot, a dangerous point break out of Half Moon Bay, but today Clark is still elevating the world of surf to the next level through the hydrofoil surf revolution.

Jeff Clark’s Foil Science hydrofoil technology, invented by himself and Laird Hamilton, is at the forefront of surf’s scope of influence.  This sport really taking off.

Erickson reports hydrofoiling is , “Really interesting to watch and after being in Hawaii for the last month, I was surprised how many people are foiling there also.”

On a foil board, one can surf waves that would never be accessible to ride even an stand up paddleboard.

This video also highlights Jeff trying out his new Surftech model, The Claw. He’s says it works in two foot surf to big as you want to go.

Videography by Brian Erickson