Giorgio & Izzi Gomez Win GOLD in Brother-Sister Take Down at Pan American Games

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Last week’s brother-sister take down at the 2019 Pan American Games saw BOTH Izzi and Giorgio Gomez make history by taking home the 1st Gold Medals for SUP Surfing in the Games. A brother and sister win. Gold medals for each. How easy does that make Brandi’s parenting?

Let’s take a look at Izzi & Gio’s responses to this spectacular & noteworthy moment.

Pan American Games Izzi Gomez Gold Medal Peru
Izzi borrowed her brother Gio’s board for an earlier heat and wound up buckling the board in the heavy shorebreak. Gio was forced to ride Izzi’s custom Infinity 7’2 B-Line in the finals for his event. As he said, “The board was magic.” Photo by: Roderigo Jimenez / Lima 2019

Izzi Gomez Wins Gold at PanAm Games: Fights Back through Repecharge Round

“I’m so stoked, it’s crazy!”

Izzi says she is still ‘trying to wrap (her) head around’ this massive win: the 1st Gold Medal for SUP Surf ever awarded at the Pan American Games. It is a massive leap forward in the history of the sport towards vertical alignment with the Olympics. Naturally enthusiastic and always on top of her game, Izzi reflects on her performance & experience in Lima, Peru:

The conditions in Peru were amazing, perfect swell direction with really good sized swell throughout the event. My board – my Infinity SUP 7’2 B-Line – performed really well! It was a little tough to catch waves because I was riding a smaller board but once I was on the wave it was great performance. This is my favorite board, a custom Infinity!

My most challenging moment was when I broke my leash in my heat with Nicole Pacelli. All I needed was a small score. There were 6 minutes left in the heat and I took a set wave on the head which snapped my leash. It was so frustrating because my heat was over at that point so I had to surf through the repo rounds after that.”

When asked for one word to describe the experience of being awarded a Gold Medal, Izzi’s response:  Surreal

Izzi Gomez Pan American Games Infinity Columbia
Izzi Gomez rode for her home team of Columbia in this year’s Pan American Games. She said it was an honor and a privilege to ride for her country of heritage. Photo by: Roderigo Jiminez / Lima 2019

Dave Boehne: On Shaping Progressive Boards for a World Champ

Dave:  “Izzi Gomez is the most decorated SUP surfer man or woman in our sport’s history! She’s dedicated and has been blessed with natural talent. Izzi has no fear and has worked hard on her approach and technique while gaining unprecedented power to her SUP surfing that simply can’t be matched.

I am so honored to be able to work on her boards directly with Izzi and together we will continue to push the SUP surf limits both in the shaping room and ocean.”

Griogio Gomez Pan American Games Infinity SUP Peru
Board look familiar? It should. Giorgio jumps on his sister’s custom board for the Final Rounds of Pan American Games and, despite never having surfed the board before, worked it’s magic for a win. Now, THAT’S the mark of a true champion. Photo by: Roderigo Jiminez / Lima 2019

Giorgio Gomez on Winning Gold: The Whole Experience Is Surreal

“It makes it so much more fun and special to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience and moment in history with my sister.”

Giorgio’s win was equally impressive, as he battled his nerves to stay focused and then had to switch boards mid-competition in order to compete in the Final Round. The mark of a true athlete, is one who can stay calm in the midst of battle. Gio certainly proved that.

The waves were so epic and pumping the whole time! We couldn’t have dreamed of better conditions for a contest. Our boards were made for those waves. 

I started off riding a 7’8’’ custom Infinity B-Line Earth-Technologies ecoboard. The waves were pumping so I loaned it to my sister for her heat. Unfortunately, she buckled my one & only board, snapped her leash and lost her paddle, but I was glad she was ok and managed to make it through the heat. Now my only option was to borrow Izzi’s board, a 7’2’’ custom Infinity B-Line that I had never ridden. It was very challenging. It’s like it all happened for a reason to force me on a board that ended up working like magic.”

Giorgio Gomez Infinity SUP Pan American Games gold medal
Giorgio’s Gold Medal victory for SUP Surfing at the Pan American Games brings the level of SUP to a new platform as we begin to see alignment with the Olympic Games. Stay tuned! Photo by: Roderigo Jiminez / Lima 2019

Best Moment:  Winning the GOLD! The whole experience was surreal. I’d have to say it really hasn’t sunken in yet!

Congrats to Izzi & Giorgio Gomez, incredible athletes and humans.  More to come in the months ahead…



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