Introducing the Slingshot Airtech Crossbreed

Global Partner

2015 Slingshot Inflatable SUP boards are built with a new advanced Air-Tech drop stitch Inflatable technology that is lighter and more stable than older technologies. Air-tech is the drop stitch ingredient that separates their boards from the rest in the market. Air-Tech allows Slingshot to deliver boards with hard board rockers and shapes in an inflatable construction.

They have also advanced the science for the outer material. SK-IN is their new triple layer sandwich construction technique that delivers a clean, durable frame for a stiffer board at higher PSI. The Air-Tech Crossbreed with SK-IN will give you all the performance of a hard board with the convenience of an inflatable.

Slingshot also has a great solution for pumping up your inflatable SUP. It’s called the SUP valve. Their valve is an alternative to using a hand pump which can be quite laborious and somewhat difficult to reach the maximum recommended PSI. Their valve allows your to either plug a portable compressor hose into your board for easy inflation or, better yet take a quick stop at any gas station air pump to inflate your board.

Check out how their SUP valve works:


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