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World Wildlife Fund, one of the world’s premiere conservation organizations dedicated to a future in which both humans and nature thrive in harmony, hosts its second annual stand up paddling event on October 26th, 2019 in San Diego, California.

This special event, known as the Panda Paddle is a spectacular fundraising effort to have fun, raise funds and educate the public about global conservation work to protect our planet. The Panda Paddle focuses specifically on the protection of our world’s oceans from the blight of plastic waste.  READ MORE about how YOU can participate below!

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World Wildlife Fund’s Mission & Panda Paddle Event

Our earth faces severe threats to biodiversity. World Wildlife Fund’s flagship 2018 Living Planet Report shows that population sizes for our planet’s wildlife have plummeted by 60% since 1970.  That’s a scary number.  Unless we make changes, our natural landscape is going to make dramatic changes in the not-so-very-distant future.

The WWF’s Panda Paddle celebrates our planet’s precious oceans. You might have noticed a LOT of attention is on the health of our oceans recently. That is because THIS is a critical moment in human history. Each year, over eight million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean.

Unless we change this rising tide FAST, the total amount of plastic waste in the oceans will soon outweigh all the fish in the ocean. This year’s WWF Panda Paddle offers an opportunity for water-loving paddlers (and their supporters!) to participate and join World Wildlife Fund in efforts to protect the future on our planet.  Use your paddling powers for GOOD.

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READY to GET ON BOARD for NATURE? Panda Paddle Oct. 26th

Our natural resources are suffering.  Here’s what you can do:

The WWF Panda Paddle’s inaugural event in 2018 year featured participants and spectators  from around North America.  Pros and first-time paddlers alike enjoyed time on the water and participated in an effort to protect nature while doing so! It was a fantastic kick-off enterprise and the World Wildlife Fund promises to capitalize on this even further in 2019.

This year’s Panda Paddle event is expected to be even larger with additional activities including a bay-side water festival filled with great music, delicious food, creative face painting, and lots of other fun family-friendly options.


Join WWF’s Panda Paddle, a one-of-a-kind standup paddle board event, to make a huge difference for our planet. You’ll raise money to protect the oceans, rivers, animals, and wild places you love. Then, you’ll join together with nature lovers just like you at the WWF’s stand up paddle festival in celebration of all that you’ve done to support the planet.

But wait… there’s more!

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Paddle for the Planet from Your Own Back Yard: Technology and WWF’s Virtual Paddle on August 24th, 2019

You, WWF, a paddle board: On a mission to save the planet’s wild waters and natural places.

When you register for the WWF Virtual Event, you’ll receive your own fundraising page to raise money and spread awareness about your efforts to save the planet.  All donations will support WWF’s Panda Paddle & initiatives to protect our oceans. YOU CAN make a SPLASH and a DIFFERENCE by participating digitally.

Then, on August 24, it’s time to get your feet wet!  Virtual paddlers will choose a time and place close to home and take to the water to paddle for a purpose. Share your #PandaPaddle photos on your favorite social media platforms in order to participate in this large movement committed to protecting our planet’s most vulnerable resources.

REGISTER for Panda Paddle’s

Panda Paddle World Wildlife Fund Panda head


Register for Virtual Event & Help Save the Planet

To register for Panda Paddle’s Virtual Event, you’ll make a one-time donation of $25 and  receive a medal for the development and completion of your own stand up paddle course. The more $$ you raise on your fundraising page, the more great ‘thank you’ gifts you’ll win.

Paddle Virtually!

Virtual Stoke:  Win some SWAG at Panda Paddle’s Virtual Event

  • $100 – Panda Paddle Race Shirt
  • $250 – Panda Paddle reusable water bottle
  • $500 – WWF Hat
  • $750 – Panda Paddle Beach Towel
  • $1,000 – WWF Hydrapack

Thank you ALL for your efforts to sustain and protect our most precious natural resource, the world’s oceans!  Send Standup Journal your photos from your virtual event and we will share them across our social media channels.  Let US help YOU save the planet 🙂  Aloha.



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