klitmoller Denmark…A Cold Water Sup Surf Tale

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Fanatic team rider Paulina takes her husband sup surfing in Denmark, home to the 2017 ISA World Championships
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Klitmøller is a small village on the west coast of Denmark.  In the summertime it’s full of people who are addicted to any kind of water sports:  windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing and, of course,  stand up paddling.  Perhaps, this little town is best known for being the Home of the Viking:  Naish Team Rider Casper Steinfath.  Here is a quick video visit from last January with Fanatic team riders Paulina and Valentin to this little coastal town for a cold water sup tale.

Video edit by:  Valentin Illichmann

Home of the Viking:  Casper Steinfath

In Klitmøller, you’ll find a lot of kids in the water regularly training hard to catch up with their idol, Casper Steinfath.  Casper has ignited the passion for stand up paddling in Denmark and Klitmøller holds the torch as his home town.  The parking lots are full at the beaches and the locals are friendly. Klitmøller has one of the largest sup communities in the region.  You can almost guarantee you will see a paddler in the water looking to improve his or her skills.

In the winter here,  it’s very different.  Both Valentin and I are both passionate paddlers and, for me, Klitmøller is my second home. On summer holidays, we enjoy traveling to Klitmøller to meet with friends and ride waves together. I was looking forward to showing this special place to my boyfriend during the depths of winter. We drove the first week of January this year to the west coast of Denmark and Valentin was very surprised.  At that time of year, there was nobody on the on the beach or in the streets.

(Editor’s Note:   Klitmøller sounds a lot like the Hamptons here in NY.  In summer, there are crowds of people everywhere and the beaches are overflowing, but roll out to the East End in winter and you may not see a soul down there by the water.  Truth is, there is an insular beauty to Montauk during those winter months and it has a very special flavor.  I often wonder where the crowds are in January/February?)

Cold Water Sup Surf:  That’s just the way we roll!

It was cold outside and the fog didn’t want to go away.  Still, we were there to enjoy the water, so we jumped into our wetsuits, pulled on our booties and gloves and headed right in to the water. The waves are small and perfectly clean. The only local we met out there was a seal.

Klitmøller to host the 2017 ISA World Championiships

It was a perfect day to paddle on our race boards and catch some cold water waves. But the most impressive part of the “Cold Coast” was in nature and it’s local inhabitants. It’s incredible to consider that this empty, quiet place will be the host for the biggest stand up paddle competition this year: the ISA 2017 World Championships.  We are all so  excited to have such a major event on our doorstep.

By Fanatic team rider, Paulina