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Chasing Kai Opener
By AJ Messier Featured Image Caption: AJ MESSIER One of many for Kai during the swell of swells, January 15th, 2016. TOM SERVAIS (Inset) True legends, Tom Carroll and Kelly Slater: The company Kai keeps is a strong indicator of his desire to be accepted as a surfer first. Editor’s Note: Hats off to Standup...
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gerry lopez featured
The Legacy of Paddling While Standing Up By Christian Jung // Featured in the Fall 2016 Edition of Standup Journal Gerry Lopez is a surf icon who needs no introduction. Every surfer around the globe knows him for his riding skills and also for his surf and sup board designing and shaping. It has been...
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By Nikki Gregg | Captions by Candice // Featured in the FALL 2010 Edition of Standup Journal Entering her Waikiki apartment the afternoon of the interview, I am greeted with the customary kiss on the cheek and huge welcoming hug. Immediately, the intensity and energy radiating from her muscular 5’9” frame is contagious… electric. A...
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By Steve Sjuggerud // Featured in the FALL 2010 Edition of Standup Journal “Anytime I’m doing something new and doing it alone, I just wonder, am I crazy? Is this really as great as I think it is?” Laird Hamilton’s talking a mile a minute… and he has been for a few hours. We’re on...
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One Last Ride Feature
Featured in the Fall 2016 2010 Edition of Standup Journal // By Tom “Wart” Craig The ocean is an amazing thing. Think about how it creates storms, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis. The thought crossed my mind last night as I was surfing with my friend Lars at Cayucos Pier, here on the Central California coast. As he...
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Who Gives a Hoot Jim Russi
The West Side: Who Gives a Hoot? By Steve West // Featured in the Summer 2010 Edition of Standup Journal I have been surfing on a sup for over a year now. B-team spots that are sparsely populated with junior varsity surfers are my forte. After any kind of ride, good or bad, we cheer...
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Perfecting the Drop Luke Foley featured
Featured in the Summer 2010 Edition of Standup Journal Valley Falls, West Virginia “Running a big rapid safely requires evaluating the consequences and understanding the dangers lurking beneath the surface,” cautions Mr. Go For It, Luke Hopkins. Perfecting The Drop On this late summer day, Luke Hopkins is shown at the top of Valley Falls...
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Taylor Robertson, North Fork, Feather River, Calif.
Featured in the Summer 2010 Edition of Standup Journal Taylor Robertson, North Fork, Feather River, Calif. “An 18-year paddlesports veteran and former US Kayak Team member, Taylor negotiates a backyard run in northern Cal. Successfully executing this river hydraulic required precise river-reading skills along with excellent balance. Taylor admits he was a little burned out...
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Featured in the Summer 2010 Edition of Standup Journal “That was possibly the heaviest wave ridden on a sup board” -associate publisher Steve Sjuggerud’s words stated, amended and then restated at least three times during the El Niño season Intermission The day after the Maverick’s contest, San Francisco big wave sup’er Haley Fiske got this...
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Open Rangers Outside North America's City Limits preview
Ready for the mother of all summers? Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right 😉 Standup Journal’s Summer 2017 issue “Open Rangers” is ready to hit newsstands everywhere! Open Rangers:  Outside North America’s City Limits The Summer 2017 issue of Standup Journal will hit newsstands on June 21st.  Cover to cover and chock FULL of...
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Big Island Jack Going the Distance
From the Issue: Standup Journal Winter 2008-2009 Jack Gillen attended Princeton High School in Cincinnati Ohio, and by his own admission, was a somewhat directionless, underachieving, often in trouble kid. Fortunately, Jack found solace and camaraderie on the high school swim team where he was an average swimmer at best. Jack’s teammate, Art Miller, became...
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boys of noosa header
Celebrating 10 Years of Standup Journaling Issue: Standup Journal Winter 2008-2009 Australia is renown for sun, surf and sand as well as hosting some of the best surf setups on the planet. But it’s the state of Queensland that’s Point Break Central. Everyone’s heard of Snapper and the Superbank on the Gold Coast but a...
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