Naish MFC Fin Set up Hokua
2018 Naish Stand Up Paddle Range Equipped with MFC fins! Naish and Maui Fin Company combine years of experience to develop the best fin setup for 2018 Naish Sup! Over the years, there has been incredible team work between Naish and Maui Fin Company as these two icons of the watersports industry have collaborated on...
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In this video Jimmy Blakeney explains the various types of stand up paddleboard fins and how to install and remove them from your board.
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Finautic Triple 7 Standup Paddleboard fins
Finautic, creator of the 100% aluminum standup paddleboard fin, has 3 different models to choose from in the Triple 7 range including a downwind, race, and a hybrid fin. Check them out at
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TJ From Big Winds gives his rundown of some of his favorite aftermarket fins for sup racing and downwinders. For a downwinder, he suggests the Maliko Pro Race – Downwind & Flatwater racing. TJ says it helps him go super fast while offering incredible stability and maneuverability over bumps and swells. One of his other...
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Ya wanna finally get the skinny on WHAT sup fins to use and when? Our Aussie ace photo/filmmaking director bud, Rob ‘Piros’ [cause ALL Aussies have nicknames, LOL] Pirie has put this cool and insightful vid on sup fins -It’s a bit JP Australia-brand focused but Rob’s done a great job at showing why sup...
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