Travis Hayes
Run of the Charles start line banner
The Run of the Charles is a 19-mile stand up paddle, kayak, canoe and surf ski race in and around the city of Boston.  Contestants are privileged to see the historic Boston skyline and waterfront from the vantage point of being on the water.  Incorporating shallows, rapids and long portages, the Run of the Charles...
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Travis Hayes Birthday Wish Maine BANNER
This is the story of one man’s journey:  seeking unridden waves, sharing adventure and sliding into his 40’s the best way he knows how – in the New England surf.    A North East December. It was a bone cold, rainy December morning in Maine.  Mist hung on the pine bows and dripped from the...
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Travis Hayes winter sup surf ritual in New England
It’s not finding a place to go, it’s finding someone to go with that makes the New England winter wave search so memorable. A Prius quietly pulls into a dirt lot on the curve of a road. The stone pillars marking the private entrance and the trees of the surrounding woods are coated in a...
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