Paul Clark

I’m Paul Clark, SUPPAUL, aka the “duffle bag paddle boarder.” My background is long distance backpacking, sea kayaking guiding, and backcountry skiing. I have thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and celebrate the fact that I spent 83 days one winter camped in a snow cave in the Sierras then followed by 4 months in a tent in Alaska.

I fell in love with SUP after realizing I could tether drybags to the board and do multi-day trips. Since then I have done multi-day trips in Baja, Panama, Alaska, Japan, and Patagonia.

In Central Oregon where I live, rivers are the waterways. Some are free flowing, many are long and take days to paddle. I quickly realized to paddle board on rivers requires swift water training, the ability to navigate through rapids, unique paddling techniques, and specialty gear. When I started running rivers on a paddle board about 5 years ago, there were only a handful of YouTube videos by people like Dan Gavere and Mike Tavares demonstrating some of those techniques. So, much of my learning was self taught. I learned a lot from my mistakes. Now, I’m stoked to be offering river clinics SUPPAUL River Safaris introducing paddle boarders to the river and leading multi-day trips.

Paddle boarding has taken me places. I’m really excited to show people adventure paddle boarding through my media as well as taking them to the water.

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