Jota Pons


I Started surfing when I was 8 ..10, then got into martial arts, triathlons, kiting and in 2006 SUP as an alternative when the ocean was flat. I liked it so much that I started focusing on training distances because of all the benefits it gave me, in surf, strength , meditation and contact with nature. Then I started to supsurf and have been doing it more and more...

Home Town: Guayaquil Ecuador

Sponsors: NP surf, Imagine, JP Australina, Paddlerider SUP CO

Hero(s): My influencers are Dave Kalama, Lair Hamilton, Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny, Jerry Lopez and my padddlefit coach Brody Welte that has taught me a lot

Favorite Discipline: Sup Surfing

Favorite Sup Spot: Montañita, Ecuador, South America

Favorite Equipment

Board: JP Australia 9.2 x 30

Paddle: Quickblade 100

Industry Affiliations and Certifications


Awards and Accolades

2015 Ecuador SUP Tour 3rd Place
Paddlerider 30,40 and 50k Distance paddle in flat water.
2017 Champion Paddlefit Coaches Summit
Several Races in Florida.
Ecuadorian Ocean Ambassador named by the Ministry of Tourism

Favorite Photos

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