Emilio Castro


Hi my name is Emilio and I was born and raised on the Peruvians Coast, just south of Lima .
I fell in love with the ocean and mother nature when I was a little child, I started body surfing at 7, body boarding at 9, surfing at 11, and standup paddling at 39!

Living land-locked now in Atlanta , GA , I enjoy every sup session I can get (usually 3 to 4 times a week), all year round. I head to the East Coast of North Carolina and North Florida when conditions are good and travel out the country twice a year with my sup to enjoy and explore empty spots, (Barbados and Peru last year). It’s a great way to keep in shape while surrounded by peace and beautiful scenery. I race locally here and there and love to share the stoke. I teach kids and friends who wants to learn and get involved with this beautiful sport!!

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Sponsors: King Computer Corporation, Restaurant Costa Verde

Heroes: Lake Lanier , Mayport Poles , Wrightsville Beach , Chicama

Favorite Discipline: Sup Surfing

Favorite Sup Spot: Lake Lanier , Mayport Poles , Wrightsville Beach , Chicama

Favorite Board: Fanatic Pro Wave 8'2" Ltd.

Favorite Paddle: Fanatic Carbon PRO 100 ( 6.75” blade )



2012 2nd Place Blue Ridge Race SUP Surf Division
2013 1st Place Surf Division St. Simmons Island Clasic
2015 Wrightsville Beach SUP Surf Pro-Am ( participant )



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