Benoit Carpentier


Born and raised in Brittany with 2 brothers and 1 sister, our parents introduced us to surfing and traveling. As a young surfer, I was detected to join a surf and study program near La Torche, I was practicing shortboard, longboard and stand up paddle.

In 2011, the Stand Up World Tour made its final stop at La Torche, I won the Na Kama Kai event and entered the main event. Being in an international event and meeting great athletes made grow my goal to travel the world stand up paddling.

At 15 y.o, I bought a ticket to Hawaii dreaming to win the Na Kama Kai and to enter the main event of the Sunset Beach pro going through the trials rounds. And I did :)

Now I can live my dream and I am so happy to be part of the development of this amazing sport

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Home Town: Plougonvelin, Brittany, FRANCE

Sponsors: Starboard, RSPro

Hero(s): Dane Reynolds

Favorite Discipline: Sup Surfing

Favorite Sup Spot: Moroccan point breaks

Favorite Equipment

Board: Starboard 7'5 x 25,5" Pro

Paddle: Starboard Enduro Carbon S

Awards and Accolades

Rookie of the year Stand Up World Tour 2012
Top 10 Stand up World Tour 2012, 2015
Junior Europe champion, longboard, 2014
Europe champion, stand up paddle surfing, 2017

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