Naish men take 1-2 slots at Sunset Beach Pro. Hokua Carbon Pro is board to victory!

Sunset Beach Pro Men's Final Kai Lenny Bernd Roediger
Sunset Beach Pro Men's Final Kai Lenny Bernd Roediger
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Naish watermen Kai Lenny and Bernd Roediger takes charge at the Sunset Beach Pro and bring home victory!

Kai Lenny Naish Hokua
Kai’s strategy and confidence in his Naish Hokua Carbon Pro earned him a well-deserved title at the Sunset Beach Pro on Oahu’s famed North Shore last week.

Equipment, Knowledge and Confidence

Anyone who watched the Final rounds of the Sunset Beach Pro last week knows the story.  When push comes to shove and it’s time to perform, waterman Kai Lenny shows up in style.  This is the fifth time in eight years that Kai has captured the title.

“As a competitor, I had everything I needed:  solid equipment, knowledge of the break and confidence in myself” – Kai Lenny

This first event in the newly designed APP World Tour kicked off with high octane performances across the the men’s and women’s final sup surf events.  Dominating for the men was Kai Lenny and Naish teammate Bernd Roediger.  The day began with some trepidation for event coordinators as the swell was weak for the finals event.  APP World Tour producers have done a great job of choosing their days well in order to deliver the best conditions for these athletes.  On Thursday, as day began to dawn, relief swept the crowd as the expected swell began to rise.  In the end, the sup surf finals were high performance  rounds held in double to triple overhead surf at the iconic Sunset Beach on the North Shore.

Strategy for the Win

Kai arrived in this event making up lost ground from the WSL Sunset QL last month where he had a semi-final finish. His strategy coming into the Sunset Beach Pro was strong from the outset.

“From the event that I did at the QS at Sunset, I ran with my set plan that I did for that event.  I knew it was going to be the most reliable way to make the finals and possibly win.”

Kai was ripping at the Sunset Pro so the strategy was clearly working.

“When I lost so early last year and most of all when the World Title was given out for one event and that was the Sunset Beach Pro, I was especially fired up.  The entire year I was subconsciously looking forward to getting back to this event and winning it.  As a competitor, I had everything I needed:  solid equipment, knowledge of the break and confidence in myself, ” stated Lenny.

Naish Kai Lenny Sunset Beach Pro
Kai comes off the lip at Sunset setting his rail for the final finish and a Perfect 10 in competition

Naish Men Take Top Tier Podium Spots at Sunset

Naish was also well represented in the contest by Bernd Roediger whose casual, precise style turned heads and whose systematic approach in the contest earned him a spot on the podium next to Kai, finishing 2nd overall for the men.

“Confidence is the most important thing to winning any event and that stems from being so comfortable in the venue of the battle.”

Both Lenny and Roediger competed in style on the Naish Hokua Carbon Pro.  Lenny, in that final round, kicked out of a wave scoring a perfect 10 within the first few minutes of the heat.  The rest of the pack was forced to play catch up from that point on.

Sportsmanship, style and confidence characterize these Naish heavy hitters as they look forward to the next stop the APP World Tour next Month in Maui.

Men's Final Sunset Beach Pro
Men’s Final Rounds and Standings for the Sunset Beach Pro, 1st stop on the APP World Tour

Next Stop on the APP World Tour:  The Maui Pro Am in March

“Confidence is the most important thing to winning any event and that stems from being so comfortable in the venue of the battle. I can’t even imagine how many times I have been able to ride on this race course,” says Lenny of the Maui Pro AM.  “I’m so excited!”

Stay tuned for MORE exciting news from these wave ripping, race searing professional water athletes as the APP World Tour heads to the neighboring island for the Maui Pro Am on March 10-12th, 2017 where the local Maui boys will be joined by Denmark teammate Casper Steinfath and other Naish team riders for the next event on the unfolding World Tour.   You can WATCH the action LIVE on the website OR here at Standup on race day!




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