UP your SURF GAME with Ian Cairns & Sean Poynter’s Sup n’ Surf Retreat!

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Veteran surfer Marc Angelillo of Cape Cod goes on the adventure of a lifetime at Ian Cairns and Sean Poynter's Sup n Surf Retreat in Punta Mita Mexico

Review by Marc Angelillo in our Winter Travel issue

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Dream of upping your sup surf sessions to wack like a pro, catch more waves than you’ve even dreamed and develop a winning attitude on the water?  Get a hold of the NEW Winter Travel issue of Standup Journal NOW on newsstands and check out ‘Getting my PhD in Surfology’, a full 6-page report on Ian Cairns & Sean Poynter’s Sup n Surf Retreat in Punta Mita Mexico written by surf veteran Marc Angelillo!

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A 5-star resort, world class waves, along with one of the top surf coaches and surf pioneers on the planet, Ian Cairns, and 2-time ISA World Surf Champion Sean Poynter all rolled into one package in Sup n Surf Retreat in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Are you ready for progression?

Read how even a seasoned surf veteran like Marc Angelillo’s personal experience of this 5-day training camp transformed his outlook.  As Marc says in his article, Getting my PhD in Surfology, “It was more than just a retreat, a journey, a camp… it was a memorable experience that has elevated and changed me more than I would have ever expected.”  What kind of retreat offers an advanced perspective as well as new techniques to work on?

In this all-inclusive sup surf training camp, staged at the Royal Suites Palladium resort in Punta Mita Mexico, participants can expect three gourmet meals per day, top notch accommodations, individualized coaching from both Ian and Sean as well as exclusive photo/video footage (every day!) to help progress from one session to the next.


Ian Cairns Punta Mita Retreat
World class coaching sessions with Ian “Kanga” Cairns and ISA Gold medalist Sean Poynter will elevate your performance on every level.

“It was the experience of a lifetime.”

Marc Angelillo knows his way around a surf break, whether on a short board, long board, sup and now, if rumor holds true, a foil.  For a guy with over 40 years of experience in the world of surfing to say this retreat ‘changed the way I look at, address and maximize surf breaks forever‘ is a big deal.

Three chances to surf every day, moving around to multiple breaks to gain variety of experience, watching the dailies together in a group setting while Sean and Ian critique your technique all the while nestled in a 5-star resort is one lesson you won’t forget!


Copious notes from Playbook Ian Cairns Sean Poynter sup n surf retreat by marc Angelillo
Learning so much you’re forced to TAKE notes? That’s the matrix download from Ian & Sean that makes a surf vet like Marc grab for a pen & some highlighters.

Learn the Skills to Master your Technique

Learn how The Playbook, a sup surfing volume on technique and etiquette written by Ian Cairns, as well as your three sessions a day can revolutionize your approach to sup surfing … for good. Marc’s comprehensive review of Ian Cairns and Sean Poynter’s Sup n Surf Retreat in Punta Mita, Mexico in our Winter Travel issue of Standup Journal will have you signing up to surf with and progress with the best.

The next retreat is scheduled for January 17th – 21st, 2017 in Punta Mita.   Don’t miss this boat!

“This retreat is specifically in January to possibly get a big North swell, as we believe that El Faro will be peeling over 500 yards!!”
– Ian “Kanga” Cairns

You can sign up by going to the Sup n Surf Retreat website or get more info by checking their Booking FAQ page for deets.


Pick up Standup Journal’s Winter Travel issue, entitled “Searchin’ for Rainbows” and read up on Marc’s full review of the Punta Mita retreat and so much more!

To learn more about Ian Cairns check out his Sup Surfing Etiquette guidelines in our comprehensive Sup Guide designed to give YOU the answers to what you want to know.


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