Hello New York! APP Tour announces Big Apple stop on 2018 World Championship Tour

Candice Appleby Slater Trout APP World Tour feature NY Sup Open
Candice Appleby Slater Trout APP World Tour feature NY Sup Open
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The APP World Tour announced today the addition of the City Paddle Festival as an inclusive event for paddlers at EACH of the 3 stops on the 2018 APP World Tour.

London, New York and Paris will each include the City Paddle Festival in addition to the main event: the pro races and surf competitions on the world’s stage.  The City Paddle Festivals pulls in to New York for the NY Sup Open on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Candice Appleby Slater Trout APP World Tour statue of liberty
In an iconic race around the Statue of Liberty, the world’s best paddlers will compete along the Hudson River in NYC. Photo credit: APP

City Paddle Festivals invites paddlers to participate

“City Paddle Festivals are a showcase of the evolution, passion and growth of the paddle and watersports”- Tristan Boxford, CEO for APP

The New York Sup Open is the United States largest sup festival and promises to include a genuine immersion into the field of watersports for community paddlers as well as the top elite pros.

The inaugural event will be held in London on July 7th – 8th, followed by New York on September 15th and topped off in Paris on December 8th – 9th., 2018.

Slater Trout Candice Appleby APP World Tour times square Infinity
World Class: Your favorite paddlers will be spotted around Manhattan like Infinity Team riders Slater Trout & Candice Appleby on Sept 15th. Photo credit: APP

NY Sup Open: Pro Racing, Open Races & Activities along the Pier

The action for the NY Sup Open will all take place at Pier 25, Hudson River Park, New York City starting at 8AM on September 15th.

This City Paddle Festival is for the seasoned athletes, passionate enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The New York Sup Open features opportunities for everyone in stand up paddling including Learn to Sup clinics, Youth Clinics, foil exhibitions as well as live music, entertainment, food offerings , yoga and much more.  It is a lifestyle day for everybody at Pier 25 in Manhattan!

“Some of the world’s best athletes such as Slater Trout, Kai Lenny and Candice Appleby will be out in force” – Tristan Boxford

Slater Trout Candice Appleby APP World Tour Manhattan skyline
With the iconic backdrop of Manhattan’s towering skyline, the New York Sup Open promises to be an exciting event. Photo credit: APP

City Paddle Festival: Creating a lifestyle experience

What sets the City Paddle Festival apart from other events is the chance to see the world’s best stand up paddlers charge the Hudson River and battle it out on the water against the iconic backdrop of New York City as a major event on the APP World Tour.  This is coupled with a bucket list experience for paddle enthusiasts from all over the globe to paddle in a 7-mile race around the Statue of Liberty!

Spend the day on or near the water enjoying the races and the rest of the festival’s experience with the beer garden, food fare and fun activities on the pier.  This full-day event makes the New York Sup Open the ultimate outdoors and water festival in the Big Apple.

Candice Appleby Slater Trout Infinity APP World Tour
Spend the day with your family along Pier 25 Hudson River Park where you can watch the Pro races, compete in the Amateur event or participate in the food, yoga, music and more! Photo credit: APP

“City Paddle Festivals are a showcase of the evolution, passion and growth of the paddle and water-sports world, and we’re thrilled to bring the excitement and energy to New York City and its breathtaking waterways,” says Tristan Boxford, CEO of APP.  “Some of the world’s best athletes such as Slater Trout, Kai Lenny and Candice Appleby will be out in force, right alongside potentially the next generation of watermen and women. We encourage everyone to come out, get involved, get inspired, and see why stand up paddling is one of the most approachable all-round sports and activities possible.”

A Race around the Statue of Liberty

As a showcase of the sport of stand up paddling, the event will include a Race Around The Statue of Liberty.  This iconic, challenging and spectacular 11km paddle around Lady Liberty herself, will be a key highlight of the event.  The race is open to three categories for both Men and Women:  Amateur Race, Pro-Am and Pro. There will also be Team Racing opportunity with multi-person crafts as well, and Under-16 youth are invited to participate in unique youth clinics with top pros in the sport.  Let’s keep stoking out our youth!

“We encourage everyone to come out, get involved, get inspired” – Tristan Boxford

Candice Appleby Slater Trout APP World Tour Manhattan skyline
Get inspired … on the Hudson! Join the City Paddle Festival on September 15th for a full day of paddle adventure and family fun! Photo credit: APP

City Paddle Festival as much on land as in the water

The City Paddle Festival also offers entertainment on the Pier, including Morning Yoga, Live Music, Food and Beverage vendors and a Pilates Evening Session. The full-day event will see numerous exhibitions throughout the day, from Sup Yoga to a showcase of the spectacular hydrofoil craze that has swept through the watersports industry.

Promoting entertainment, participation and an introduction to stand up paddling and other watersports, the New York Sup Open is an an inclusive and exciting day out for the whole family as well as water enthusiasts and athletes.  We hope you can join in!

More information on the City Paddle Festivals can be found at https://www.citypaddlefestivals.com/ and specific information on the New York stop is https://www.citypaddlefestivals.com/newyork (www.newyorksupopen.com)

Candice Appleby Slater Trout
“Hey, watch where you point that thing!” Get STOKED on the NY Sup Open stop on the APP World Tour. Candice and Slater will both be in attendance. Photo credit: APP

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming clinics and gatherings with the pros as we draw closer to the New York Sup Open and the City Paddles Festival in New York on September 15, 2018!

About the APP World Tour

The APP World Tour and City Paddle Festivals are both properties of Waterman League International, an event and media production firm specialized in all things water. Headquartered in Ericeira, Portugal and with offices in the US mainland and Hawaii the APP World Tour celebrates the World’s best athletes and promotes the sport of Stand Up Paddling across its global events and through its international media deliveries across many of the World’s premier sports TV networks. Stay tuned for official broadcasts from the APP World Tour and for regular news, special features and entertainment at www.appworldtour.com and here at www.citypaddlefestivals.com

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