Sportsman, Champion & Soon-to-be Husband: Paddlewoo Podcast with Connor Baxter

Connor Baxter Paddlewoo Podcast
Connor Baxter Paddlewoo Podcast
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I really enjoyed listening to the latest Paddlewoo Podcast with all-time sup champion Connor Baxter. Podcast host and Blue Zone SUP coach  Chase Kosterlitz guides Connor through questions regarding his training, technique and ability to stay focused on his goals when everyone else is out there surfing.

Connor Baxter:  From Strength to Burnout and Back Again

Connor, ever self-effacing, is direct and affable, happily discoursing about his growing up on Maui and the tutelage as a young athlete he received from his ‘uncles’ like Dave Kalama, Bart de Zwart and more.  He speaks freely about his childhood rivalry with fellow super star Kai Lenny.  And, Connor gives great insight into the Starboard board design process and his integral role in the testing and release of each year’s designs.

In short, this mature 25 year old, who is getting married in a few weeks to his longtime sweetheart Anae´ Anderson, leaves nothing a secret.  He is both stoked and willing.  He is a fierce competitor, but his love of the sport of stand up paddling shines through like a star, guiding the rest of us to new levels of honesty and clarity about how to train more efficiently, learn about the ocean and, as Connor says,

“Have fun and always do your best.”

Here’s to one great winner who makes this sport the show of camaraderie, athleticism and sportsmanship it is:  Connor Baxter.