Izzi Gomez Captures 5th World Title in Barbados

Izzi Gomez APP World Tour 5X champion
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Izzi Gomez was awarded her astonishing 5th World Title at the APP World Surfing Tour’s stop in Barbados last week.  Izzi’s accomplishment catapults her above Kai Lenny for the most World Titles captured and events won. She is now in a league of her own.

Izzi Gomez APP World Tour
The APP World Tour awards Izzi Gomez her 5th World Championship title AND event win at the Barbados Pro in Bathsheba on Nov. 15, 2019. Photo by: Brian Beilmann/APP World Tour


Izzi on TOP:  She Just Won’t STOP

Izzi Gomez’ win at the APP stop in Barbados last weekend makes her a 5X World Champion in SUP Surfing. That’s one more than Kai’s 4-time record and puts her at 12 event wins, again edging out Kai Lenny, who has 11.

Izzi Gomez infinity SUP APP World Tour
Infinity team rider, Izzi Gomez raises the performance level in the competition every time she enters the water. The women are leveling up to compete against this 5X world champ. Photo by: Brian Beilmann/APP World Tour

Supported by family, friends and multiple sponsors, including board designers at Infinity SUP, Izzi’s season has been on top. Previously this year, she and her brother Georgio won dual Gold Medals for SUP surfing at the historic Pan Am Games, a hopeful predecessor for getting stand up paddle surfing into the Olympics.

Now, with a 5th World Title under her belt, 19-years-old, Izzi Gomez has surpassed one of the greatest competitive watermen of our time… and shows no interest in slowing down.  Right after her 5X World Championship win at the Barbados Pro, Izzi took off for Maui where she eagerly anticipates the winter swells at Pe’ahi.

Izzi Gomez APP World Tour Barbados Pro champion
“Barbados, you were good to me! Won my 5th world title & my 12th tour event yesterday at pumping SoupBowl! Thank you everyone for all the love and support. I want to give a huge shout out to all the locals for the hospitality & @appworldtour for another great event!” Photo by: Brian Beilmann/APP World Tour

From APP World Tour in Barbados to WSL Jaws Big Wave Challenge

Izzi and Annie Reickert, both women at the top of the charts in the stand up paddling world, are looking to compete in big waves this season at the WSL Big Wave Jaws Challenge at Pe’ahi. Last year, the event was called off due to extreme big wave conditions with event organizers calling the swell “too dangerous” to continue.  Who can forget the ‘Kai Show’ that unfolded next as, Kai Lenny surfed the massive swell in full view of the media who turned out for the contest?

The WSL Big Wave Challenge invites a seasoned group of participants, big wave veterans each year,  to come together at Pe’ahi’s revered surf break on Maui’s north shore to compete in the WSL’s Big Wave event.

Izzi Gomez Annie Reickert WSL Jaws Big Wave challenge
Izzi Gomez (3rd from left) with the other female invitees for this year’s WSL Jaws Big Wave Challenge at the opening ceremony on November 1st. The holding period for this famed event is November 1st to March 1st, 2020. Photo by:  @sweetwaterhawaii

It’s been a super fun last few days. Thanks to Paige Alms, Andrea Moller and Keala Kennelly for being such great humans & role models for the next generation of women’s big wave surfing! I’m truly inspired and motivated by these women every day and I can’t wait to see all the rad things we do this winter.” – Izzi Gomez / Jaws Big Wave Challenge Opening Ceremony

Izzi Gomez:  Champion Across Disciplines

Gomez, in her first round of competition in Barbados, mentioned an incoming swell approaching Maui and expressed concern in missing it while at the APP World Tour event.

Clearly, things worked out for her 😉  Izzi, we wish you massive success in the year ahead.  May you achieve whatever you put your mind to most.  We salute you!

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