Bernd Roediger: both charming & lethal – reflects on APP World Tour to date

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Bernd Roediger of Team Naish reflects on the Sunset Beach Pro and moving forward on the 2017 APP World Tour
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Naish’s Bernd Roediger is quickly becoming a household name not only in the global windsurf community, but in the stand up world as well.   After putting himself on everyone’s radar with a close second place finish at the 2016 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge, the young waterman has continued to back up his reputation with yet another major podium finish. This time as runner up to fellow Naish teammate Kai Lenny at the Sunset Beach Pro to open up the 2017 APP World Tour. We were able to catch up with him in between on of his surf sessions on his way to get ready for the Maui Pro-Am and get in the zone of this Maui ripper.

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Water is his nature: Bernd Roediger has a multi-talented bracket of watersports he likes to participate in. From windsurfing to sup surf and racing, this young Naish team rider is making his name KNOWN.

Bernd talks about the Sunset Beach Pro

Q: How were the conditions at sunset on finals day? 

We got really lucky for the Finals this year.  Having to wait all the way until the very end of the holding period, meant that whatever we woke up to that Thursday morning was what we had to run in!  Sunset is a beautiful wave. It’s a real privilege to experience it and see all of its different faces! That day, the swell was coming from 0 degrees North, so we could snag runners coming off of Backyards into Sunset Point, making the ride considerably longer than on a typical West swell.  This allowed for a lot of turns, a lot of open face maneuvers, it was pure surfing competition in every respect, and it was awesome to see the level from everybody!

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Meticulous and savy, Bernd is a fierce draw in ANY heat. Keep an eye on this athlete making his MOVE in 2017. Photo by: Brent Bielman

What does downtime look like to a guy like Bernd?

Q: There were quite a few lay days before the finals, how did you spend you spend your down days?

Eating! Haha, I’m a recreational paddler and a full time eater!  I did end up surfing a couple of the Kona days on the East side over near Kahuku.  Then Fiona and I, and a couple good friends like Izzi & Giorgio Gomez, Annie Reikert, Hannah Hill and Kai Bates cruised in town!  Its always fun to be tourists in Waikiki!  And then when we see that the forecast is looking promising, we start focusing again, looking forward to the day.

Firing down the line into the finals. Photo by: Brent Bielman

Analyzing Waves and Talking Strategy for the Finals at the Sunset Beach Pro

Q: Sunset seems like a very tricky wave to read. What was your strategy going into the final rounds as far as wave selection and where you wanted to be in the line-up?

Sunset IS super tricky, and you can get on the bad side of the sets easily, no matter how much you pay attention!  For me, I knew the guys in Final (Mo Freitas, Giorgio Gomez, and Kai Lenny) were all very physical paddlers, guys you can’t easily outmaneuver for waves and positioning.  So, I played the sleepy turtle strategy and tried to be as patient as possible.  It’s nerve racking however you slice it though, and ultimately, it will come down to luck to see who gets the right waves.

Bernd shreds on his windsurfer, powered by Naish, in his homebreak on Maui

What’s Next for Bernd?

Q: Next stop is back home on Maui, how stoked are you to have the tour come back to your home water?
I’m very excited for the Maui race!  I love this water, the Maliko-Kanaha downwinder is challenging.  Like crossing a desert with shifting sand dunes, no two times across is ever the same and there’s always more to learn.  Then there’s Hookipa, which is where I love to surf and windsurf. We never really thought of it as a place to race until last year; now we’re itching to make it happen in bigger conditions this year!

We wish you tons of luck on the road and in the water for the rest of the APP World Tour, Bernd! Mahalo.

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