Ben Gravy Surfs 50th State on Alaskan Tidal Bore: This Dream is REAL!

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Ben Gravy, self-proclaimed ‘Semi-Pro’ surfer from New Jersey, surfed an Alaskan tidal bore today to realize his dream. What began as a loose idea and a pipe dream to surf all 50 continental states across America gathered momentum as Ben’s notorious daily Vlog attracted mainstream attention, sponsorships and support to help the Nub Nation (as he refers to his 77K strong YouTube audience) dream become a reality.

Here’s Ben’s Vlog from Tuesday’s Alaskan tidal bore surf session. Two years of hard work and determination brought this young surfer from New Jersey to a new level of believing in himself and massive achievement.  Way to dream, Ben!

Ben Gravy Lives the Dream: Reach High, Believe and Go BIG

Ben Gravy, a 31-year-old surfer from New Jersey became a YouTube sensation as he chronicled his journey to surf all 50 states in the continental U.S.  Adept as a surfer, but also a wickedly talented Vlogger with mad editing skills and a raucous sense of relentless humor, Ben Gravy became a household name in 2018.

He accredits Stab Magazine for noting his exploits before anybody else began to pay attention, namely surfing rocky shorebreaks in New Jersey (a.ka. ‘El Slammo’ to his fans), leaping off walls onto surfable waves and making it, laughing through it all.  Ben created his own YouTube channel two years ago and began posting daily Vlogs. Recording using a GoPro camera, sometimes an iPhone, Ben’s footage brought viewers with him into his daily life to create his 50-state dream a reality.

“Straight up:  If there is anything to know in this life, it’s that anything is possible. And, if you believe in yourself, you can actually do anything!” -Ben Gravy

Ben’s enthusiastic personality, real stoke on life (and all things surf) quickly brought him thousands of new viewers. In short order, he became a role model for a younger generation of surfers, skaters and future Vloggers. Ben’s skill and laughter quickly took over YouTube and made it his own personal reality TV show. The best part is, Ben’s reality holds with none of the drama and debauchery reality TV is well known for.  Ben Gravy is, above all, a great spirit.

Ben Gravy surf windswell
Ben Gravy can surf anything. From windswept barrels to tidal bores and rivers, this guy’s froth factors knows no bounds.

Ben’s Dream Finds Sponsorships + Huge Community of Support

His escapades brought him further attention in the form of – incredibly – major sponsorships from Wave Bandit, a popular foam-based surfboard brand who released the Ben Gravy model Wave Bandit surfboard featuring Ben’s signature skulls and pineapples design. It became an instant success, selling out in surf shops before they even hit the shelves.

Next, came the collaboration with Sector Nine skateboards featuring a Dream Gravy Semi Pro skateboard deck and design. Wave Bandit then unleashed the Ben Gravy Semi-Pro clothing line including boardshorts, tees, sweatshirts, hats, backpacks and surf wax.  Meanwhile, Ben continued to tick off states along his surf list, often finding rivers to surf (Nevada) and wave pools in inland states where surf was hard to find.

“The Dream is ON!”

With the rallying cry of:  “For the Dream!”, Ben worked his way through the United States of America, finding waves, making friends and delivering the goods … high octane entertainment via YouTube on the daily, keeping his fans enthused and charged up for the next adventure.

Ben Gravy surf
River Surfing the Dream:  Ben Gravy’s surf skills are formidable and his ability to adapt to his surfing style to each environment is what makes him a pro.

Ben’s 50th State includes Alaskan Tidal Bore

Today, Ben achieved a massive accomplishment as he completed his 50th state by surfing the infamous Turnagain Arm tidal bore wave in Alaska.  Surrounded by his girlfriend, Jordon (an equally popular member of Ben’s daily Vlogs), friends from WND&WVS, Chuck Patterson and friends, Ben paddled out into the Turnagain Arm to finalize his wish.

Congrats Ben!  We salute you in believing in yourself, inspiring countless others and achieving a heartfelt goal no one else believed possible.  In a testament to believing in the power of your dreams… here’s to Ben Gravy.

What’s this got to do this paddleboarding?  Not a thing.  We just love the guy,

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