10 Years a Sport is almost GONE! Read UP on local sup pioneers before issue is removed from newsstands!

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Sup pioneer gina bradley 10 years a sport issue standup journal

Looky looky who I found on the pioneer pages of Standup Journal’s Celebrating 10 Years a Sport (Fall 2016) issue:  Hamptons’ pioneer Gina Bradley!

Gina Bradley Paddle Dive pioneer
he Pioneers of Sup section in the Celebrating 10 Years a Sport issue has nuggets of wisdom from so many of our paddling world’s front runners. Thanks to them WE HAVE a sport!

“I recall folks from shore yelling out to me to ask the name of the sport I was doing.”  – Gina Bradley

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Gina, aka The Paddle Diva, has been an integral part of the Hamptons sup scene since it’s inception.  Between her and folks like Lars of Main Beach Surf & Sport, they helped introduce the sport to the Hamptons, NY region.  Gina, from the beginning, has made it her primary focus to bring more women to standup paddleboarding and to introduce them to the freedom of being out on the water on their board.  With a background in windsurfing and sailing, this diva has great experience, plenty of energy and the ability to talk to strangers like they’re her best friends.   Over time, she’s grown Paddle Diva to include regular paddling classes  & tours, a full time summer staff, multiple locations and, my favorite, a hub in Rincon PR.

We salute you, Gina Bradley for ALL you’ve done to make this great sport EVEN GREATER!


Pick up a copy of the Celebrating 10 Years a Sport TODAY at your local retailer before this issue (Fall2016) is gone forever!

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