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Pro Tips | Kai Lenny Teaches Us How To Top Turn

Step 1:

The most important thing about a good top turn is a great bottom turn. Remember this, you want to feel the compression on your legs as you approach the crest of the wave.

Kai Lenny Top Turn Frame 1

Step 2:

Transitioning your speed back down the face is critical to shifting your weight over the downward rail. Just like snowboarding, you never want to keep your board flat. Your board should always being going from rail to rail.

Kai Lenny Top Turn Frame 2

Step 3:

Initiating the turn with your front foot but begin shifting it toward your back foot in a fluid motion. It helps to plant your paddle and begin pulling it from in front of you back leg to behind your hip.

Kai Lenny Top Turn Frame 3

Step 4:

Pushing off the tail is good, but do not push to hard or you’ll go flying out the back of the wave. Stay centered over your board and that won’t happen.

Kai Lenny Top Turn Frame 4

Step 5:

You have momentum on your side, forget about the turn and start focusing on what down the line. This will give your exit the polished look the best guys have. It will also add some extra spray out the back.

Kai Lenny Top Turn Frame 5

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Pro Tips | Kai Lenny Teaches Us How To Top Turn

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