Poorly fitted paddles and poor biomechanics are the root causes of many stand up paddling injuries. To avoid overuse injuries it is important to use a paddle with the correct length, blade surface area, and shaft flex. It is equally important to use a paddling technique that is in harmony with the natural biomechanics of the body.

As a paddle manufacturer we have addressed the problem from the equipment side of the equation. At KIALOA we have developed blade sizes that fit a paddler’s desired power needs and our shafts are designed and tested to optimize the perfect amount of flex for a given paddling activity.

However, equipment is only part of the equation. Paddling technique which incorporates poor biomechanics can lead to chronic injuries. We are promoting biomechanics as a proven way to paddle longer, stronger and ultimately faster. Simply stated, biomechanics is a system that promotes the healthiest most efficient joint and muscle environment to allow the body to perform optimally, which allows you to create more power and reduce the risk of injury when paddling.

This combination, the use of a properly fitted paddle and the application of sound biomechanics, will allow you to enjoy the sport of stand up paddling for a lifetime.” –Kialoa

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