16 of the Best Stand up Paddling Wipeouts Ever

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Nobody likes to wipeout. Especially when you are dropping in on a dream wave or in the heat of battle in a sup race. However, these situation do make for some epic photos! We have found some of the best high flying, board crunching, sup carnage photos on the web and put them into one place…right here for you. Please like, comment, and share to help spread the stoke.

[lightbox full=”” title=”Time to Bail”]That's going to hurt... maybe leave mark... PLUS: the seagull will laugh at you![/lightbox] IT’S FRIDAY! Time to Bail for the Weekend, LOL! Courtesy of Standup Journal’s Glenn Dubock, here’s your Friday photo, to which Dub notes: “That’s going to hurt… maybe leave mark… PLUS: the seagull will laugh at you!”
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”The art of getting slammed”]The art of getting slammed[/lightbox] The art of getting slammed! by Alexander Outerbridge
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Sup Superman”]Sup Superman[/lightbox] This guy is doing a full on superman off of his sup board! Completely insane shot… I wish we had the whole sequence.
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”sup explosion”]sup explosion[/lightbox] This one we in the office like to call “sup explosion”. I wonder what the aftermath looked like!
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Stand up paddle board Buoy Blowout”]Stand up paddle board Buoy Blowout[/lightbox] This one was taken by Standup Journal photographer Glenn Dubock at the last Battle of the Paddle. This is what happens when every tries to turn on the buoy at the same time and gets hit by a wave. Total yard-sale! All boards now sold as is…dings and all 🙂
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Battle of the Paddle buoy massacre”]Battle of the Paddle buoy massacre[/lightbox] Here is another example of a Battle of the Paddle buoy massacre! Check out the guy sitting down riding two boards and holding on for dear life. I think the woman in the front kneeling down is just praying she doesn’t get hit.
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”High flying Vanina Walsh”]High flying Vanina Walsh[/lightbox] This photo is of stand up paddler and Roxy Girl Vanina Walsh practicing her arial skills off the face of the wave.
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”sudden halt”]sudden halt[/lightbox] Matt Becker coming to a sudden halt as the wave curls up and ends all in the same spot!
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Top Gun”]Top Gun inverted sup flight[/lightbox] I love this photo! This guy is completely inverted and actually looks like he is enjoying the ride. Hope he’s ok because that is a big powerful wave he is crashing into.
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”No pain no gain”]No pain no gain[/lightbox] No pain no gain! These too Super Girls are taking a huge leap of faith into the gravel mixed sand. Looks like they will stop at nothing for the victory. More power to them!
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Just a another day at the sup office”]Just a another day at the sup office[/lightbox] Just a another day at the sup office
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Sup Nose Dive”]Sup Nose Dive[/lightbox] Nose dive! Hope it isn’t shallow 🙂
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Thinking outside the sup”]Thinking outside the sup[/lightbox] This guys decided his board wasn’t fun enough so he decided to ride the wave in gracefully on his behind. Hey! Don’t knock it till’ you try it.
[divider] [lightbox full=”” title=”Stand up paddleboard Houdini”]Stand up paddleboard Houdini[/lightbox] Last but not least I like to call this one the Houdini! I can’t even imagine what is going through this guys head right now.

I hope you enjoyed these! Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite


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