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My name is Karen Marvin, and from the moment I paddled on the Great South Bay I knew I had to tell everyone about this awesome experience. Being able to get a workout while relaxing was too good to be true. I wanted everyone to have the oportunity to experience paddle boarding just as I had. With that dream in mind, South Shore Paddleboards was born!

In May of 2014, South Shore Paddleboards opened as the largest SUP shop on Long Island. The shop has become a warm, beachy, inviting, and fun experience for all to have. We not only offer your perfect paddle board, but also attire, accessories, and more!

At South Shore Paddleboards, we strive to give our customers the same feeling that paddle boarding gives us. For our "paddle family", this is more than a store. It is a place to feel at home, comfortable, and part of a new SSPB "SUP" family.

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