Final Wildcards gaining direct entry to the Main Event

Final Wildcards gaining direct entry to the Main Event to be announced Monday

As the birthplace and global capital of surfing and indeed Stand Up Paddling, it is to be expected that the local contenders will be a major force to be reckoned with at the Sunset Beach Pro, with an intimate knowledge of the tricky line up and a weatlh of experience and expertise that will challenge the best of the best.

The Stand Up World Tour wildcard process pays tribute to this local talent by awarding a minimum of 4 spots to the Hawaiian surfers to skip the Trials and go directly into the 48 man main event, with additional wildcards awarded to international athletes that have proved their worth across the globe and are worthy of their spot.

Given the extent of talent, it is a challenging process to decide these wildcards, but a board comprised of World Tour Officials and regional athlete representatives is charged with this decision through a voting process to determine the worthy candidates.

The final list will be announced on Monday, but you can expect to see the likes of Kala Alexander who has been a standout in the history of this event, Bonga Perkins, the winner of this event back in 2012 as well as being multiple times Longboard World Champion and then of course Aaron Napoleon (Rogue), an undoubted legend in the sport.

From an international perspective, expect to see representatives from the US, Australia and Brazil, as the final list will be released at www.watermanleague.com on Monday

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