50th Anniversary of the Duke Invitational

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Invitational

2015 represents a special year for the North Shore of Oahu, as the longstanding Da Hui Backdoor Shootout celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the original Duke Kahanamoku Invitational event, this year to be held at the infamous Pipeline.

The event will still maintain the Team format that the Shootout has become famous for, but brings back the prestige of the enigmatic Duke Invitational by inviting Hawaii’s leading and most respected Waterman for the ultimate showcase of diverse surfing prowess at the North Shore’s most legendary wave.

WIth a series of swells lining up to hit Oahu’s North Shore, action is scheduled to kick off this Wednesday morning the 7th January at 8am HST and all the action will be brought to you LIVE by the Waterman League and be simulcast across strategic partners in the US, Europe, Australia and Brazil.

Make sure to watch history go down this week at this groundbreaking event – stay tuned to watermanleague.com & www.dahuishootout.com for the LIVE action and updates from this unique event.

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