SWEET SHOT! A SWELL adventure in ALASKA & March Photo Contest

March Photo Contest entry:  Ricardo Merculief of Alaska had this shot captured of himself by his gal, who had to swim to shore after her own board snapped in half.

Imagine Surf photo contest Ricardo Merculief Alaska

Ricardo Merculief squares off against a rising swell coming in from the Bering Sea, off shore St. Paul’s Island in Alaska.

“My girlfriend took this photo of me after her leash broke and one of my boards ended up in two pieces on the beach. She went for a swim but was fine. I had to drive around to the other side of the harbor to pick her up along with the pieces of my broken board.” – Ricardo Merculief

A Moment Captured is a Thousand Words

Last August, in his hometown of St. Paul Island in Alaska, Ricardo Merculief connects to the ocean through his stand up paddle surfing adventures.  In a unique location, St. Paul Island is situated in the middle of the Bering Sea and the wave shown here only breaks on a SW swell at 10-15 feet.  As an Aluet, Ricardo’s ancestors are an ocean-faring people and have built some of the best sea kayaks ever made out of driftwood and animal skins.  Inspired by Dave Kalama, Ricardo says he is the first local to surf this break on St. Paul Island.

This photo is a front runnner in our March Photo Contest sponsored by Imagine Surf.  Imagine Paddlesurf is awarding to one special winner a Mission DLX 11’x30 Inflatable sup in this month’s contest!

March Photo Contest guidelines:

1. SHARE a PHOTO of you stand up paddling in your favorite spot.  Link is HERE.

2.  TELL US about the photo.  Who is in the picture?  Where was it taken?

3.  SHARE WITH US what size, brand and model of board you ride.

4.  GIVE US a BRIEF explanation of why stand up paddling is important to YOU.


At the end of the contest, the overall winner (by vote!) will get the Imagine Mission DLX 11’x30 which retails at $1099.

Check out the GALLERY from other contestants and take a chance to WIN your own board from Imagine Paddlesurf!


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SWEET SHOT! A SWELL adventure in ALASKA & March Photo Contest

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