Vancouver Island Stand Up Paddle Camping Trip With The Oar Board

Vancouver Island Stand Up Paddle Camping Trip With The Oar Board

“So near and sooo tempting…slightly over a mile offshore from Oak Bay on Vancouver Island is the beautiful, windswept and uninhabited Discovery Island Group.

I just rowed with my Oar Board across the open water of Baynes channel with lots of swirling current and it was a blast! The Red Paddle Explorer 13’ 4” SUP can handle this crossing with no problem on a nice day.

This was a trip to check out how easy it was to row the Oar Board® carrying my camping gear on the deck. My friends Diana and Michael came along in a double rowboat to take some video of me doing it.

Finding a spot was easy and the most fun was rowing around, exploring and looking for the right one. It was easy to pull up on the beach. It took only a few minutes set up my tent and lay out my gear.

Relaxing on the beach looking at the scenery made me realize I am totally up for Oar Board® SUP camping, either by myself or with friends.” –Amye


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