Sup Photo Of The Year Contest: September Edition

Congratulations September Photo Contest Winner

Cecily Trowbridge: Guinness Book World Record-breaking AbbieSurfs on the Tower Adventurer iSUP via The Guardian

Cecily Trowbridge: Guinness Book World Record-breaking AbbieSurfs on the Tower Adventurer iSUP via The Guardian

Amer Dandachli: Surf session at Burj Al Arab hotel-Dubai

Amir Rubin: Just another day at the office...

Brian Perry: Me and the wife relaxing on Lake George NY. July 2014.

Carlos Alonso: "Tigre Sup Experience" - August 2014 - Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Riders from different points of the country gathered in the city of Tigre for the annual "Tigre Sup Experience" paddling along rivers and streams of the Delta del Tigre.

Chad Kalele: Father and Daughter Bonding Time. No better place than in our back yard in Hawaii.

Chris Fluke 1: Serenity Now. Paddler: Dale Rogers Location: Town Lake - Austin, TX When: Early August I captured this image while documenting the success of our free weekly demos in Austin!

Chris Fluke: "King of the World" Paddler: Unidentified Location: Town Lake - Austin, TX. When: Early August I captured this moment while documenting the success of our free weekly demos in Austin!

Eduardo Perez 1: Close to large ships in front of Panama Canal

Eduardo Perez: A quiet afternoon in Panama Bay, Panama

Emily F: Mommy and daughter doing some sunset yoga on Lake Huron.

Hope LeVin: It's true what they say, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I've spent most of this year traveling professionally for kiteboarding and when I'm away from the Turks & Caicos Islands I often find myself missing my Alana and the brilliant blue waters of home. Every day away makes my appreciation of our Beautiful by Nature islands grow just a little bit more. Photo: Agile LeVin

James Askew: Paddling the Sunshine Coast, BC with constant companion, "Kimo" August 2014.

Janka Thompson 1: How's my bridge?

Janka Thompson: Anyone can do it... You just have to try

Jeff Krawczyk: SUP Fly Fishing on Bigelow Hollow Pond in Union, CT on my BanhPho Surfboards & Crispy Noodle "Hobo Sled"

Jiri Kostelecky: Happy Easter at Wolfgangsee, Austria.

Julie Olson: SUPing on the cold misty waters of Cass Lake, MI in December 2013

Knut Sorby: Looking down from the Touring paddleboard today, I felt like floating in space

Mauricio Juarez: Some lake in the Maurice Region - Quebec My poodle dog Mía first SUP experience

Nadia Almuti: Nadia Almuti surfing in the Skookumchuck Narrows. Photo by Heather Jackson

Nikki Austin: SUP yoga of Whitstable beach in uk. I'm a yoga teacher and thought I'd have a bit of fun on the board. Solstice day,the water was so calm and the weather just perfect.

Park City SUP Trent Hickman: Mike gets some glass on a dawn patrol tour/lesson with Park City SUP.

Pedro Rivera: "the light shows us the way" Guanica Bay, Puerto Rico. Photo by: Taken by: Pedro Rivera JR

Sahra-manon Muehlheim: My son and I with our pup Lione having a fun family SUP adventure on Lake Washington, Seattle. Why? Because we love the adventure and water. When: August, 2014.

Simon Lebrun 1: Montreal cohabitation SUP scene

Simon Lebrun: "We found the Montreal mangrove" Summer 2014

Todd Mingramm: The Sea Sheppard In the middle of a wild dolphin training class.Ive been doing this for a few years now and can round them up and all now!

Tyler Tschritter: Late evening Rattle snake drop. On the lower White salmon river.

 Veronica Monteiro: Sunset Araruama

Billy Graham: HMAS Otama submarine is certainly added excitement to sup trip. Hasting,Australia

Cecily Trowbridge

Cecily Trowbridge: Guinness Book World Record-breaking AbbieSurfs on the Tower Adventurer iSUP via The Guardian

Cecily Trowbridge: Guinness Book World Record-breaking AbbieSurfs on the Tower Adventurer iSUP via The Guardian

Drew Besenfelder: Practicing pivot turns at Saguaro Lake, AZ

heather Joichevich: Lake Tahoe picnic break

Karen Marvin: Seapaddlenyc Paddleboarding in front of the intrepid. .were very few have ever done...

Kaylen Milan Riconosciuto: Starting at a very young age

Matthew Boehnlein: GOD's art Sup view of Sunset

Michael Abdilla: ...paddling with friends on port Philip bay Melbourne Australia.

Sandy De Klerk: Island of Sardinia, Italy lonely old Beach House Club! Little bay with turquoise crystal clear water and no access by land…only SUP! My Happy B-day snapshot #BIC Wahine my 1st SUP

Teene Froiseth: Laura Birse going left at Makaha Bowl!!!

Adam Duraj: Dusk on the Leven River, Tasmania, Australia.

Alex Ander: discovered new caves on the island of elba - Italy

Ashleigh Johnson Taking care of the resource that allows the SUP community to exist! Patti Diaz, Executive Director of H2O Trash Patrol, pulling marine debris out of San Diego Bay. H2O Trash Patrol, a non-profit in San Diego, CA, has made it their mission to give back to our world's most valuable resource. Every other Saturday H2O host's cleanup events that recruits volunteers from the community to come out and join them on the water for a few hours of exercise and cleanup. They provide all of their volunteers with the gear needed to successfully execute a cleanup, to include free rental and lessons on their SUPs. Since 2011, H2O has extracted 16,000 pounds of trash from the San Diego County waterways alone. With an estimated 1.4 billion pounds of trash being dumped in the ocean each year, everyone should make it a personal goal to give the waterways a little TLC each time they indulge in a SUP sesh!

Camila Pacheco: One of my favorites yoga poses: Bow Pose Stretch the Intire front of the body Strengthens the back muscles and improve posture. Camila Pacheco, Hilton Head Island. August 2014

Carlene Messinger: Jimi Grimley, of Narragansett, Rhode Island is one of the few legends that can make this look SO SWEET on a 6'3" SUP, 29’ wide; 78 liters!!! August 28, 2014, off Block Island, Rhode Island - SUP surfing hurricane Cristobal swell - phenomenal!!!

Dan Flint: Walking on Water Sept 2014 on the Wekiva River in FL. One of my Clients was practicing her Yoga moves during her first try at SUP. I snapped this pic as she was falling off the board.

David Barrow: Lake Galina, Peace Valley PA

Henk Boneschans: Absolute bliss and tranquility obtainable by no other means...on the Verlorenvlei near Elandsbay in South Africa

Jessica Keaton: "The more, the merrier". Photo taken by Fran Walker on Sunday, September 14th in the Indian River Lagoon, Sebastian, Fl. The Walker and Keaton kiddos enjoying Mother Nature! Living in paradise!

Jorge Lopez: SUP at Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Michael Scott: SUP v Kayak Fuerteventura, with Lanzarote in the background

Peter Moll: Don't go alone!

Adam Hayes: Just because of the Sun drops doesn’t mean the stoke stops...

Angela Ritchie: Angela Ritchie-Naples Island, Long Beach California. Sunset paddle on a Sunday in September, my favorite work out on the water.

Bobby Arzadon: Bobby Arzadon & Coda the SUP Rotty.

Ellen Lynch: Riding the wave...

Fred Nijffels: Dreamy morning with son at Brighton, VIC Australia

Jon Caunter: Me Stand up paddleboarding in Poole Harbor. Such a perfect evening!

Stephanie Pignoli: 4 newbie Sup'ers- Myself and my 5 month old GSD and my Mom with her 7 year old Westie

Thomas mcguinness

Thomas Mcguinness: I purchased a SUP board having never been on one only seen in magazines and online. Quite a hefty buy but it's changed my life for the better

Toni Buenadicha: Sea or heaven?

Trevor DeHaas: Purple Haze

Armando Tourinho Neto: I sup’ing in the beach Jaguaribe, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Chad Guenter: Every Monday morning i event people to join me for a sunrise paddle. Why? Cuz i hate Monday mornings that's why! Now they're sweet. Coffee, friends and sup! #soulflowpaddleco

Cristian Prado: No better feeling than the first paddle out in the morning! Sunrise through a wave!! This was taken at Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

Dieinny Mel: Aproveitando o por do Sol,Lagoa Manguaba, Alagoas ,Brasil.

Gabriel Gray: Sometimes in order to protect the things you love, exploration is required. Paddleboarding helps me do this and gets me into these wild places!

Heather Jovichevich: Fall sunsets are the best!

Jordan Lapekas: Fall paddling at Lake Powell.

Orlando Costa: In Itaupuã, Bahia - Brazil, one of the finest places to sup every day of the year.

Patrick McVeigh: My nephew trying my board out in the back bay of Brigantine, NJ...enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Patrick Walton: CHICO & THE MAN… Jackson BEACH FL

Peder Thorstenson: Paddling with sperm whales in gulf of Alaska.

Ronan Conway: Stand up paddling in Dublin Bay

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