NEW sup book alert!: “Mighty” by Florida paddler Matt Crofton

mighty by Matt Crofton coverNEW sup book alert!: “Mighty” by Florida paddler Matt Crofton has just been released. A Must Read for all our sup friends.

Crofton sup’d the entire 2,400-mile Mississippi River. Standup Journal publisher Clay Feeter just finished reading this new work:

here’s Clay’s review:

“Mighty” does a double somersault over the famous saying “It’s not about the Destination, it is about The Journey.”

Writer/marathon standup paddleboarder Matthew Crofton’s new book is SUCH an incredible, well-written sojourn that flows as swiftly as The Big Muddy he sets out to conquer. He sets out admittedly for self glory. Finally submitting to Old Man River’s power, he let’s go and awakens to his true calling.

Crofton, a man who was on death’s door just a year earlier, keeps us wondering what can possibly happen next on this comeback king’s quest to paddle the entire 2,400 mile length of the Mississippi.

He proves — richly — that it is the relationships that come our way while on “Tumbleweed” walkabouts that matter most… and while we the reader thinks we are but innocent bystanders following mile by mile, and relishing in the new unfoldings of each day… Crofton dishes out a perfect surprise for each of us, personally, in his final chapter.

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