New Eco line of Stand Up Paddleboards produced by California-Based Earth Technologies

Eco Friendly Stand up Paddleboards

Eco Friendly Stand up Paddleboards

Invert Paddleboards New Eco line of Stand Up Paddleboards produced by California- Based Earth Technologies

Greenville, SC- March 8, 2013 Invert Action Sports LLC, forms Strategic partnership with Earth Technologies of Hawthorn California to produce the most eco-friendly Paddleboards on the planet.

Ryan Harris and Todd Patterson of Earth Technologies pioneered the new Earth Friendly construction that Invert Paddleboards has coined “Ecolicious”. “Invert Ecolicious Construction follows a simple recipe: plant-based resins, recyclable foam cores, sustainably-harvested wood or bamboo stringers, glass reduction, and bioplastic plugs and handles,” says Ryan Harris.

“The Super Sap resin we use replaces toxic, petroleum-based chemicals with plant-based materials like pine oils. Sustainably harvested wood or bamboo stringers and laminates reduce fiberglass use by up to 70%, without sacrificing performance or strength and minimizing weight. bio plastic leash plugs, handles and recycled or recyclable foam cores complete the mix to produce the most eco-friendly production boards on the planet,” explains Todd Patterson . Each board is a registered under the Eco Board Project by Sustainable

Invert Launched the first boards boasting Ecolicious construction at Surf Expo in January 2013. Buyers, paddlers and media alike gobbled the Blast, a 12’6” Racer, and the Fungun, a 9’9” Surf model, up. Since then 2 more models have emerged. The 10’6” Crush: a versatile all around performer and an 8’0” Performance surf model called the Drop.

Invert Paddleboards is proud to join the ECOBOARD Project by Sustainable Surf. Ecolicious boards are verified as a sustainable paddleboard and carry the ECOBOARD Project label. “We are pleased to see Invert’s commitment to making sustainable Paddleboards in the USA,” says Kevin Whilden, co-founder of Sustainable Surf.

“Consumers these days are really drawn to US made products, and when you tell them that they are green too, it seals the deal. All we are really doing is giving the market what it wants,” said Andre Emery of Co-founder of Invert, “And it makes us feel good.”

The boards look amazing too. Dynamic resin tinting and graphic elements make each board a unique work of art. “Ryan Harris is a Resin Master. For him the resin’s not just the glue holding everything together: it’s the soul of each board. He uses it as an artistic medium. It is truly beautiful,” said Matt McClain Co-founder of Invert.

“Invert is a fresh brand, and this is the perfect way to differentiate our offering from everyone else,” said Matt McClain. “It was our goal from the beginning to create products with meaning and purpose, and what better way to go about that mission than to bring production back home and be true to the planet at the same time?”

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