Jacksboards in Australia review the 2017 Starboard Nut 10'0

Jacksboards in Australia gives the Starboard 10’0 Nut a review

Jack and Catherine Reilly, owners of Jacksboards in Australia run the local sup school and retail business in Rye, Vic.

Jack has over 25 years experience in board riding including sales & distribution, sponsorship & competition, board product development, event organizing and event promotion.  His wife, Cath, is the favorite sup instructor in their area.

Together, they created this fun & informative video to detail the strengths of the 2017 10’0 Starboard Nut.

Jacksboards is operated on the belief that, “Life is GOOD on the water!”

Thanks Jack!



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Jacksboards in Australia gives the Starboard 10’0 Nut a review

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