How Stand Up Paddling Changes Lives

CLASSIC! This couple from NH:

A. bought kayak roof racks intending to becoming kayakers, then
B. went to a local kayak demo day night to figure out what kind of kayak to buy… then:
C. the kayak demo ALSO featured a couple demo sup boards…

“We came to Liquid Dreams [sup shop on nearby Maine coast] to purchase sups. We knew very little about them and we had only tried them out once. But we loved it. Liquid Dreams owner talked about the great experiences he’s had and continues to have with paddle boarding.

“We ended up purchasing two Hobie ATR II boards. They are great! I think we have gone every weekend since we got them. Anyway, I took these pictures of my wife last night as the sun was setting. A great end to a stressful day!

“Sup has changed our lives to a degree. Everything seems to disappear when you are out there. We hope to see you on the water.” -Brian Moser, New Fellow Stand Up Paddle Boarder, Dover, New Hampshire

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