First sup wave ever: She let out a yell Tarzan would have been proud of!

“First sup wave ever: she let out a yell Tarzan would have been proud of!”

Hey guys, here’s my wife, Deb Motes, at Jacksonville Beach, FL on a late afternoon sup-surf session.

There’s a neat little story to go with the photo: Deb, in all the years of our marriage (24 years!), and me regular surfing, never gave a rat’s ass about surfing. “Too much work for the reward” was always her response after numerous attempts to get her into the sport… Then, a couple of years ago, I finally got her on a sup out in the ocean on a small day.

After her getting the hang of paddling the board around, she turned and paddled into a small waist high wave and rode it ‘gidget-style’ all the way to the beach. She let out a yell Tarzan would have been proud of! From that time on, she’s been a fully dedicated ‘surf sup’er’ working on her stance, learning to go right, left, climbing and dropping and kicking out.

She’s earned her sup wings! And is charging anytime she can get out and it’s not too gnarly for her. I’m just so proud of her and now I have a new sup-buddy to join me out in the surf. Thanks, JD Motes


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